‘Killing It’: Craig Robinson’s Python-Hunting Comedy Series Sets Its Cast!!

Fans of The Office, assemble! Actor and producer Craig Robinson is teaming up once again with two-time Emmy winner Dan Goor, the creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, to bring together a new comedy series for Peacock. Killing It is a satirical comedy about class, capitalism and pursuing the American dream by hunting giant snakes. The full main cast has been officially announced, and it features some fantastic comedic actors.

In the story, Robinson will play Craig, a man who is so desperate to make his American dream come true that he decides to compete in a state-sponsored python hunt. He will be joined by Claudia O’Doherty (Love, Trainwreck), who will play a down-on-her-luck Uber driver named Jillian. Rell Battle (Black-ish, The Good Doctor), will play Craig’s younger brother Isaiah, a man who isn’t above doing illegal things to make ends meet.

The Mick’s Scott MacArthur will be Brock, a rival python-hunter who wants to use the competition as a way to improve his status on social media. He does this with the help of his reluctant teenage son Corby, played by Wyatt Walter (Sons of Thunder). Stephanie Nogueras (The Good Fight, Switched at Birth) and Jet Miller (Bethany, Young Dylan) complete the main cast as Craig’s ex-wife Camille and daughter Vanessa, respectively.

Killing It will be produced and written by Goor and two-time Emmy nominee Luke Del Tredici, who also wrote for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The duo will also serve as showrunners for the 10-episode Season 1. Killing It is already in production and the first three episodes are being directed by Mo Marable, who has directed episodes for Insecure, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Miracle Workers, and Suits.


via Collider

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