‘Four Seasons Total Documentary’ Trailer Goes Into the Disastrous Press Conference!! Check It Out!!

Where were you on November 7, 2020? Were you, like many Americans, glued to your phone or TV? Or were you, like the folks of Four Seasons Total Landscaping, asked to host an impromptu press conference on behalf of the president, set to take place in front of your landscaping business in a very likely case of mistaken identity?

This November, MSNBC is going to give a glimpse into the very particular experience of above-stated landscaping employees. The documentary Four Seasons Total Documentary will explore the impact that the Trump team mix-up had on the small, tight-knit landscaping company. The newly released trailer gives a glimpse into the journey of the Four Seasons employees as they twist an onslaught of unwanted attention into a success story.

Rudy Giuliani‘s press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a small Philadelphia landscaping company, nestled between a crematorium and a sex shop, stands out as a particularly emblematic moment in an incredibly ridiculous moment in history. And it’s a moment that still leaves more questions than answers. The MSNBC documentary will explore the event and its aftermath from the perspective of the Four Seasons’ employees, and their journey to regain control of their place in the cultural narrative.

The film is directed and produced by Christopher Stoudt, while Rashida Jones and Amanda Spain are executive producers on the project. Also producing are Glen Zipper, Sean Stuart, Chris Paonessa, Kevin Lincoln, Doc Crotzer, and Kevin Middleton. Four Seasons Total Documentary is a Sutter Road, Zipper Bros Films, and Chill Factory Production.

The documentary will be released on the one-year anniversary of Giuliani‘s infamous press conference on November 7, for anyone who has managed to wipe the moment from their memory. Check out the trailer for Four Seasons Total Documentary below.

Here is the official synopsis for Four Seasons Total Documentary:

Four Seasons Total Documentary tells the definitive story of one of the most viral pop culture moments in recent history — the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Press Conference. With exclusive access to the Four Seasons family, FSTD chronicles the stranger-than-fiction story from inside the company’s walls, reveals how agreeing to host the press conference nearly cost them everything and tells the inspiring tale of how they turned near disaster into a quintessential American Dream success story. FSTD also finally answers the question everyone has been asking since November 7, 2020 — What really happened?

via Collider

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