‘Planet of the Dead’: Zack Snyder Reveals Title of ‘Army of the Dead 2’!!

In a recent interview with Inverse, Zack Snyder revealed the title for his upcoming sequel to the hit Netflix zombie flick Army of the Dead. For the longest time, the media has been referring to it as Army of the Dead 2. But we now know that the official title of the film is Planet of the Dead.

This news is coming amidst the upcoming prequel to Army of the Dead: Army of Thieves. It’s scheduled to hit Netflix later this month and has been on quite a journey, to say the least. While Snyder still has credits for writing (alongside Shay Hatten) and producing the prequel, he cut his ambitions to direct the movie short and handed the reins over to one of the lead actors. That actor is Matthias Schweighoefer, who plays the German safecracker Ludwig Dieter in both the prequel and the original Army of the Dead.

Another upcoming spin-off TV series which takes place in the Army of the Dead universe is Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. Unlike the original movie, the prequel, and the future sequel, this is an animated anime series and not live action. But don’t worry, several of your favorite Army of the Dead actors will be coming back to voice their characters for the anime – including Dave Bautista as Scott Ward, Ella Purnell as Kate Ward, Ana de la Reguera as Maria Cruz, Omari Hardwick as Vanderohe, and Tig Notaro as Marianne Peters. The series will be about the fall of Las Vegas at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

The exciting, heist-themed prequel Army of Thieves will debut on Netflix October 29. we’re still not sure when Planet of the Dead will begin production – much less its release date – but we will keep you updated on the details as the story unfolds.


via Collider

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