‘The Woman in the House’: Michael Ealy Joins Kristen Bell and Tom Riley in the Netflix Series!!

Netflix’s new limited series, The Woman in the House, is gaining more star power as today the streaming serviced announced the addition of Michael Ealy (Fatale, The Intruder) to the cast of the eight-episode series which is moving toward a hopeful premiere in early 2022, Deadline reports. Ealy will star opposite previously reported actors Kristen Bell (The Good Place, Veronica Mars) and Tom Riley (Da Vinci’s Demons, Dark Heart).

The Woman in the House comes to us from Gloria Sanchez Productions which is the same production company that brought us TV and film hits such as Hustlers, Dead To Me, and Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar. The series is a creation of Rachel Ramras (Mike Tyson Mysteries), Hugh Davidson (Robot Chicken), and Larry Dorf (Nobodies) all of whom will also serve as co-showrunners.

The storyline will center around a down and out divorcee, Anna (Bell) who is leading a jaded, monotonous existence. For Anna, days overlap, with each repetitive, boring set of 24 hours flowing into another. Wine in hand, she gazes out her window waiting for time to pass her by. One day, to Anna’s surprise, a new strikingly good-looking neighbor (Riley) and his daughter (Samsara Yett) move into the unoccupied house across the street.

Anna feels a bit of relief as she now has a possible human connection (or at the very least new people to stare at) to break up the dull life she has settled into. This new excitement is abruptly halted when Anna is witness to a violent and grisly murder. What follows are twists and turns as Anna attempts to pick apart what is real and what is false. Can she trust her eyes after all of this time staring out the window? Or has her brain concocted a horrifying story to keep her entertained as the days pass by?

Ealy will join the cast playing Anna’s ex-husband, Douglas. Although he still harbors feelings for his ex-wife, he is sensible and realistic in knowing that their past will keep them apart.

Most recently, Ealy has starred in Fatale alongside Million Dollar Baby star, Hilary Swank. In the film, Ealy leads as a well-off sports agent named Derrick who has a one-night stand with a mystifying woman (Swank). The woman ends up being a police officer who is also a bit unhinged. What follows their encounter is a downward spiral of lies and betrayal that threatens to tear away everything Derrick holds dear to him.

Based on Ealy’s background of portraying characters in films with mysterious undertones, he is sure to be a great fit in this new twisty turny Netflix series.


via Collider

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