‘Willow’: New Video Sees Warwick Davis Introducing the Cast of Disney+ Series!! Check It Out!!

Star Warwick Davis seems to think that no-one remembers what Willowis, or indeed, that it ever existed – despite the fact that, though it came out almost 40 years ago, it made a handsome $137 million gross at the global box office.

That’s the crux of a new video released as part of Disney+ Day, at least, in which the self-deprecating star takes us on a tour of what looks to be a studio backlot where the film will be shot. The day celebrates the second anniversary of the streamer and promises to unveil announcements from every Disney property, including Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, NatGeo, and more.

Davis introduces the video as follows:

“Hello, yes, it’s me! World famous actor Warwick Davis. I’m thrilled to be coming to you from the set of the brand new sequel-series to my most popular role, Willow! Yeah, we heard you, die-hard Willow fans. The Willow-mongers. The Willing-me-softlies. You get the idea, we’re still workshopping fanbase names for that. Anyway, they’ve asked me to introduce you to the phenomenal cast, or supporting cast, that’ll be joining me on a brand new adventure.”

And so we head over to a park bench with Davis, where his supporting ensemble all sit. We start with “handsome young fella” Dempsey Bryk (pronounced Brick). Asked how it feels to be carrying the torch for a whole new generation of fans, Amar Chadha-Patel bemusedly remarks: “There’s a movie?” Ellie Bamber wasn’t born when Willow was released, she tells us. “What are they gonna do for your face for this? You’re quite a bit older…” No, Ellie, they’re not going to The Irishman Warwick‘s face – at least, as far as he knows.

Catch the trailer below. The Original Series is streaming in 2022 on Disney+, and features a wider cast of Erin Kellyman, Tony Revolori, and Ruby Cruz.


via Collider

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