‘The House’: First Images Tease the Upcoming Netflix Stop-Motion Anthology Series!! Check It Out!!

The upcoming Netflix dark-comedy The House has recently got its first look photos as well as a release date reveal!

The stop-motion animation series is directed by Belgian couple Emma de Swaef & Marc Roels, BAFTA-award winner Paloma Baeza and master craftswoman Niki Lindroth von Bahr. The House is split into three surreal tales, suffused with witty and clever humor, about a single house and three groups of individuals who have made it their home at different points in time.

The first story, directed by Swaef and Roels, is set in the 19th century, as we can confirm in the characters’ antique clothing in the revealed photos. It centers around a poor man called Raymond who happens to meet a mysterious benefactor that promises to help his family restore their previous wealthy status. However, desires do not always lead you in the expected direction.

The second episode, directed by von Bahr, is set in the present day and tells the story of a property developer trying to make a quick sale from a renovation. But things take a different turn with the arrival of some unexpected guests who turn out to have other plans.

The third and final story, directed by Baeza, is set a few years into the future wherein the house has endured a severely changed landscape. The protagonist this time is Rosa, the young determined landlady who, like a captain on his sinking ship, is not willing to leave her crumbling home. Resolved to restore the house to what it once was, Rosa becomes blind in her pursuit. In the end, some inevitable change must happen for her to understand what truly matters.

The House is produced by Nexus Studios and will become available for streaming on Netflix on January 14, 2022. Take a look at the images below:


via Collider

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