‘Riders of Justice’: Original Filmmakers Officially Confirm English Language Remake!!

Three-time Oscar nominees Anders Thomas Jensen and Nikolaj Arcel are bringing their hit Danish language 2020 film, Riders of Justice, to English speakers, The Hollywood Reporter announced today. The equal parts action, adventure, and comedy film has been picked up by Lionsgate with 21 Laps Entertainment’s Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, and Dan Cohen spearheading the project. The trio headed productions for the recently released Free Guy which starred Ryan Reynolds and saw much success grossing over $330 million globally.

The Danish film, which was not only co-written, but also directed by Jensen, follows the story of a soldier that must immediately return from deployment to be with his teenage daughter after his wife died in what at first appears to be an unfortunate train accident. But things are not always as they seem and when a team of statistics experts bring up holes in the train accident story, the freshly returned soldier sets out on a vengeance-filled journey for retribution and brings his ragtag group of friends to aid in his retaliation.

Erin Westerman who serves as Lionsgate’s president of production sang the praises of Anders’ writing and directing by saying,

“There are few films that balance the action, emotion, and dark humor that Anders did so successfully in Riders of Justice. We’re confident that the movie will translate perfectly to English-language audiences as well.”

Sisse Graum who served under Zentropa productions for the original film alongside Sidsel Hybschmann and Anders Kjaerhauge, will executive produce the remake. The Mads Mikkelsen-led drama, Another Round, helped launch Zentropa into the public eye when it took home the title of best international film at the 2021 Oscars.

With much of the original team returning to the remake, this is as good a shot as Riders of Justice has to break the English-language remake curse.


via Collider

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