‘The Gilded Age’ Teaser and Images Reveal ‘Downton Abbey’ Julian Fellowes’ New Series!! Check It Out!!

HBO is about to take viewers back to the 19th century. WarnerMedia has released new images of the upcoming series The Gilded Age, alongside a new trailer for the series.

The series takes place in New York City during the 1880s and will focus on the city’s one-percenters. Cynthia Nixon stars as Ada Brook, an unmarried woman who is a member of the old New York aristocracy. She will be joined by Christine Baranski, playing her sister Agnes van Rhijn, a widow who is also a member of the aristocracy. Louisa Jacobson plays their penniless niece Marion, who goes to live with the sisters. Carrie Coon plays Bertha Russell and Morgan Spector plays her husband George, who are the sisters’ new wealthy neighbors attempting to break into society. Denee Benton plays Peggy Scott, a budding writer who ends up working for Agnes because of her good penmanship, despite how her employment raises a few eyebrows.

The Gilded Age was created by writer/producer Julian Fellowes. Fellowes‘ previous work includes creating the television series Downton Abbey, which aired on ITV in the United Kingdom from 2010-2015. A Downton Abbey movie was released in 2019. “It’s not the golden age, it’s the gilded age,” said Fellowes when talking about the period that the series takes place. “And that tells us that it was all about the surface. It was all about the look of things, making the right appearance, creating the right image. That’s what was really what distinguished the era.” Fellowes also said that during the time period, as more wealthy families arrived in New York, there became rivalries between the new families and the old ones. Gareth Neame, who previously worked with Fellows on Downtown Abbey, will also be an executive producer for the series.

The Gilded Age will premiere on Monday, January 24 on HBO. Fellowes is also working on a second Downton Abbey film, which will be released on March 18, 2022. Check out the official teaser for The Gilded Age below.


via Collider

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