Studio Kojima Productions to Now Focus on Music, Movies and TV Shows!!

Kojima Productions, the studio behind the hit game Death Stranding, has opened a new division focused on movies, TV, and music. As revealed by, the new division will be located in Los Angeles, and it will be encharged with overseeing the production of films, TV shows, and original music projects inspired by the company’s IPs.

The new arm of Kojima Productions will be led by Riley Russell, a multimedia professional who worked for 28 years for PlayStation. In Russel’s words, “the new division will be tasked with working with creative and talented professionals in television, music, and film, as well as the more familiar games industry.” It looks like the idea of Kojima Productions is to use their original IP to create new products that can appeal to a broader audience while still promoting their games.

During the announcement of the new division, Russel underlined the new division’s “goal of expanding the reach and awareness of the properties now under development at Kojima Productions, and to make them even more a part of our popular culture.”

Kojima Productions‘ business development manager Yoshiko Fukuda also underlined how storytelling is the company’s core, which means expanding to other media besides games can help them tell better stories. As Fukuda puts it:

“Finding new ways to entertain, engage and offer value to our fans is essential in a fast-moving, ever-changing storytelling world. Our new division will take the studio into even more areas that present our creative narratives beyond videogames and to open up ways for our fans to communicate and immerse themselves in these spaces.”

Kojima Productions was founded in 2005 by Hideo Kojima, the game designer behind the Metal Gear franchise. After parting ways with Konami, the owners of the Metal Gear IP, Kojima decided to open his own company, where he could birth brand new worlds with absolute creative freedom. Kojima Productions’ first game, Death Stranding, was released on November 8, 2019. The game was highly praised for its unique apocalyptic setting and layered characters. So, if Kojima Productions starts making other media products, they will likely expand the lore of Death Stranding through films and series.

The official announcement of Kojima Productions’ new division also mentions multiple properties the studio has been working on. Since it’s been two years already since the release of Death Stranding, it’s fair to assume the studio is currently developing their next game, whatever it may be. Then, the new division could introduce Kojima’s next fictional world to the public before a new game gets ready, allowing people to understand better the profound lore Kojima’s games are known for.

Death Stranding is available right now for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. Last September, a Director’s Cut of the game was released for the PlayStation 5, including more dialogue and combat options.


via Collider

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