‘Last Tango in Paris’: CBS Studios Working on a Making-Of Series!!

CBS Studios and Stampede Ventures have announced they are working on a making-of series about Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris, reveals Deadline. Starring Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider, the erotic drama film was surrounded by controversy from production to distribution. So, a making-of series has a lot of material to explore, from the raw sex scenes featured in the uncut version of Last Tango in Paris to the infamous rape scene recorded without Schneider’s consent.

The making-of series about Last Tango in Paris will follow the same structure of Paramount Television StudiosThe Offer, which follows the production of another Brando film, The Godfather. As a fictionalized drama, both series intend to give the public new insight into the turbulent birth of classic movies by telling their story through the eyes of those closely involved. For the Last Tango in Paris’ making-of series, the narrative will revolve around Schneider, Brando, and Bertolucci.

The series will span 18 months before, during, and after Last Tango in Paris’ production, starting from the moment Bertolucci travels to Los Angeles in 1971 to convince Brando to star in his erotic tale of lust, obsession, and violence. The series is also expected to explore the ruthless tactics employed by Bertolucci to capture real emotions, which ultimately put the cast in danger. Schneider, only 19 years old at the time of production, was the primary victim of the project. That’s because the actress developed a drug addiction and mental health issues that would haunt her for her entire life after shooting Last Tango in Paris.

The series will also shed new light on the polemic release of Last Tango in Paris, which due to its sexual content, received an X rating by the MPAA in the United States. MGM would release an R-rated cut in 1981, but the original would only be “downgraded” to NC-17 after revisions were made to the MPAA rating code in 1997.

The Last Tango in Paris making-of series comes from writers Jeremy Miller and Daniel Cohn (Entourage, Boston Public), with Lisa Brühlmann (Killing Eve) and José Padilha (Narcos) co-directing. Greg Silverman and JP Sarni of Stampede Ventures will executive produce with Meghan Lyvers, SVP, International Co-Productions and Development at CBS Studios. The two companies will take the series out to market in early 2022.

Commenting on the series announcement, Brühlmann said:

“When José and Stampede approached me, I was instantly taken by the project and the chance to look closer at one of the biggest scandals of our industry’s history – despite it not being treated as such at the time. The opportunity to dive into that world, into all these fascinating characters, and especially the possibility of giving Maria Schneider a voice, is really exciting.”


via Collider

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