‘Enola Holmes: Mycroft’s Dangerous Game’: New Graphic Novel to Bridge Gap Between Movies!!

Following the success of both the novels and the Netflix film, Legendary Comics YA has revealed that they will be creating a new graphic novel titled, Enola Holmes: Mycroft’s Dangerous Game coming to readers everywhere on August 23, 2022.

The announcement is also paired with a fresh cover for the new piece which will color actress Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) in graphic novel form as the teenage investigator and title character. Brought to us from the mind of the original novel series creator, Nancy Springer (who will get her own cameo feature in the book), the newest addition to Enola’s story will be written by Mickey George and feature artwork by Giorgia Sposito. The graphic novel will fill fans in on what their favorite young sleuth has been up to in the time between the end of the first film and the upcoming Netflix sequel which is expected sometime in 2022.

Senior Editor of Legendary Comics, Nikita Kannekanti, spoke to her fervor for the new graphic novel saying, “We are so excited to expand Enola’s world and story with an exciting new adventure in our graphic novel from this extremely talented creative team. Nancy has come up with a really fun story with some charming new characters and some returning familiar faces. I hope fans will enjoy solving the mystery with Enola!”

Fans everywhere were drawn to Brown’s character, Enola, and her intrepid and intellectual ways of unraveling the mysterious disappearance of her mother in the Netflix feature, Enola Holmes, which hit the streaming service earlier this year. Starring alongside Brown was Henry Cavill as Enola’s older, more famous brother Sherlock Holmes, Sam Claflin as Enola’s other brother, Mycroft, Helena Bonham Carter as the mother of the Holmes children, Eudoria Holmes, and Louis Partridge as runaway lord, Tewksbury.

Check out the cover and the graphic novel’s full synopsis below and get ready to go on another adventure with Enola as she puts the pieces together and closes the book on her next mystery.

Picking up where last year’s exceptionally popular film left off, readers and fans will join Enola, the rebellious teen sister of Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill), in a thrilling adventure and uncover the new mystery that she is up against. After a mysterious group of anarchists abduct her brother Mycroft (Sam Claflin), Enola investigates his disappearance in hopes of rescuing him and recovering something precious he took from her. With the help of Lord Tewkesbury and a young boy on the streets named Shag, she uncovers the truth behind her brother’s abduction and unravels a web of mystery that takes her deep into the London underground as she tries to foil the anarchists’ nefarious plot!


via Collider

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