‘Money Heist’: ‘Squid Game’s Park Hae-Soo Set to Star in Korean Remake as Berlin!!

It’s definitely all about the benjamins … or the won. Either way, Squid Game star, Park Hae-Soo, is about to be raking in a lot of it. Today, Netflix announced that the actor will be joining the cast of the Korean remake of the hit series, Money Heist (La Casa de Papel).

Hae-Soo is set to take the stage as Berlin, one of the show’s starring characters. The series is centered around a group of eight high time thieves known as The Heist Crew, brought together by group leader, the Professor, as they attempt to pull off their plans for the Royal Mint of Spain by locking themselves in the building and taking hostages. Brought to Netflix in 2017, the streaming service breathed new life into the Spanish crime drama and extended its plotline and story for several more seasons. The finale will be hitting the platform on December 3, closing the vault for good on this well loved story.

Hae-Soo’s character, Berlin, is a half brother to the series’ main character known as the Professor. Berlin gets his crime career start as a jewel thief, stealing from stores, auctions, and even armored vehicles before quickly moving on to bigger robberies and jobs including the unforgettable Royal Mint of Spain heist. His place in the Heist Crew is to be a sort of second in command for the Professor. Berlin makes the tough calls when the Professor is unable to be reached or for decisions that aren’t make or break.

Hae-Soo has found insane success worldwide this year when he starred as Cho Sang-Woo in the Korean thriller drama series, Squid Game. Squid Game first landed on Netflix on September 17, 2021 and immediately became a record breaking show for the streaming platform.

The show follows the lives of multiple characters who are down on their luck and facing severe repercussions for debts they owe to various collectors. When they are dropped into a mysterious building in which they can compete against each other for a lump sum prize of 45.6 billion wan, things get really heavy, really fast. The competitors soon learn that in the Squid Game, if you lose, you die.

Hae-Soo plays seemingly good guy turned villain, Cho Sang-Woo, a character that at first wins over audiences with his kind hearted empathy towards fellow contestants and dutiful love for his mother. As the game marches on, viewers see a different, more cutthroat version of Cho Sang-Woo come out as he competes for the money and his life.

Judging by his dramatic acting abilities and keeping it all in the theme of anything for money, Hae-Soo is sure to be an excellent choice in the role of Berlin for the Korean remake of Money Heist.


via Collider

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