‘The Munsters’: New Set Image Reveals Sylvester McCoy as Igor!! Check It Out!!

Director Rob Zombie continues his small tradition of sharing news about his upcoming adaptation of The Munsters with another set photo posted on Instagram. Over the last few months, the horror enthusiast gave regular updates to fans and revealed set photos, tidbits about production, and more. All information confirms what we already expected: the movie will maintain the style of the original series and keep following the routine of the monster family. Today, Zombie shared a photo to announce British actor Sylvester McCoy was cast as Igor, the loyal servant to the Munsters.

In the photo, McCoy is fully characterized as Igor, with weird hair, a full beard, and dressed in butler attire. He seems to be in the middle of lighting candles for the Munster family house, and one of the candle holders is stylized as a bat with two candles atop its wings.

McCoy is widely famous across two geek franchises: he played the seventh version of time-traveler detective Doctor Who from 1987 to 1989. He was the final doctor in the original series before it went into a 16-year-long hiatus. McCoy also played Radagast in The Hobbit film series, a powerful wizard who communed with animals and nature. Aside from that, the actor was featured in Netflix’s Sense8, horror film The Owners, and sci-fi movie The Circuit.

The actor’s character, Igor, was not in the original The Munsters TV series. However, in one of the many spin-off movies, 1981’s The Munsters’ Revenge, cousin Igor (Howard Morris) was a caretaker at Castle Dracula. Across Gothic productions, the name Igor is also commonly associated with laboratory assistants to villains, especially in the story of Frankenstein.

The Munsters is based on the 1964’s sitcom that aired on NBC for only two seasons. Despite its somewhat short-run (it still clocked out with 70 episodes), it earned a cult following and spawned spin-off series and movies. Zombie is both writing and directing the movie adaptation, which is slated to be a Peacock exclusive when it hits home release.

You can stream all episodes of the original The Munsters series on Peacock. Rob Zombie‘s The Munsters has yet to get an official release date. You can check out Zombie’s Instagram post below:


via Collider

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