‘Mr. Saturday Night’ Trailer Reveals the Robert Stigwood Documentary!! Check It Out!!

Whatever happened to Saturday night? This December, you might just find out. HBO has released the official trailer for Mr. Saturday Night, a documentary that follows the career of Robert Stigwood and his involvement in making the iconic film Saturday Night Fever.

There is no question as to the cultural impact of the 1977 disco-based film Saturday Night Fever on both movies and music. Saturday Night Fever stars John Travolta in his breakout role as Tony Manero and features the seminal disco soundtrack by the Bee Gees that cemented what is now an inextricable link between music and film. And the man behind this film, Australian entrepreneur Robert Stigwood, proved to be essential to finding and exercising this link. Mr. Saturday Night will chronicle Stigwood in his pursuit to take an article on Brooklyn nightclub life into a film that transcended media, proving to be a cultural touchstone that would change the direction of pop culture.

The film will track Stigwood‘s career from his time managing acts such as the Bee Gees and Eric Clapton to producing incredibly successful Broadway plays such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Tommy, and Evita. Mr. Saturday Night will then discuss his work to bring these two spokes of his career into the realm of film.

Mr. Saturday Night is directed by John Maggio, who previously directed the 2020 documentary The Perfect Weapon, also for HBO, which explores the escalating nature of cyber conflicts between nations. Mr. Saturday Night is an official selection of Doc NYC 2021. The film is executive produced by Bill Simmons of The Ringer.

Mr. Saturday Night will premiere HBO on December 9 at 8 PM ET/PT. The film will also be available to stream on HBO Max. Check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary below:


via Collider

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