‘American Pride’: Craig Brewer to Direct the Dennis Quaid Produced Charley Pride Biopic!!

Dennis Quaid has announced plans to move forward with production for a biopic about country music megastar, Charley Pride, titled, American Pride, Deadline reports. The feature will be produced by Quaid’s new company, Bonniedale, in which he’s teamed up to run with his wife, Laura Quaid, and Blue Miracle producer, Ben Howard.

American Pride will follow the life of Pride, an extremely talented, Grammy award nominated musician who rose to fame for his music in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The acclaimed music star wasn’t just a self taught guitar player, he also shined on the baseball field as well. His first career was on the diamond playing as a pitcher and top tier batter. His incredible talents even earned him a shot at trying out for the New York Mets, but music was his true calling.

Dianne Huston of Empire is signed on to pen the feature’s script with Craig Brewer of Dolemite and Coming 2 America serving as director. Aside from producing, in which Bonniedale will work with Brewer and Third Coast Content, Quaid will also be seen in front of the camera playing the role of “Cowboy” Jack Clement, a man who worked with Pride in writing and recording several of his hit tunes.

To further shed light on his project, Quaid said,

Charley Pride was the Jackie Robinson of country music. He became a star at a time when that didn’t seem possible. It is a very interesting story of a man getting his dreams, the relationship with he and his wife over 50 years, and how difficult it was for Pride to be regarded by people of his own color who gravitated to other forms of music, much less C&W fans in the south who were resistant to welcoming a Black singer into the fold. In fact, when RCA first signed him to a deal and released his early albums, they did not put his photo on the album cover. He had the most distinctive voice, and his songs played on the radio, but when he went out to tour, he would come out in a concert and people didn’t know. He would say, ‘I guess you’re wondering why I have this permanent tan.’ He had this way [of] disarming people. He had a huge personality. There was some rejection by Black artists of the time, but they weren’t privy to Charley’s struggle. His music was authentic to him; he grew up listening to the Grand Ole Opry when he and his father fell in love with the music.

While developing the movie, Quaid spent much of his time meeting up to chat with Pride and his wife Rozene, building a personal relationship with the two and hearing the multitalented Pride tell his stories first hand. Unfortunately, Pride passed away at the end of 2020 due to COVID following a trip the star made to Nashville in order to receive the CMA’s Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award.

Pride’s incredible life journey isn’t the only heartfelt story we can expect to see from Bonniedale. Quaid said that the production company likes to cover “true stories” adding, “I’m fed up with how things have gotten polarized. There are many stories that take place in the middle part of the country, the flyover states if you will. Those stories get missed, a lot.”


via Collider

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