‘Hell or High Water’: Fox Working on a TV Series Adaption!!

The Taylor Sheridan film Hell or High Water is getting its very own TV adaptation at Fox, according to Variety. As of right now, none of the original cast or Sheridan are attached to the project.

The 2016 movie, which starred Ben Foster, Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, and Gil Birmingham, centered around two brothers (Foster and Pine) struggling to pay the bank back in time to keep their farm after finding oil but risking foreclosure. The race to pay off their debt while illegally finding the funds puts Toby and Tanner Howard in the crossfire of Marcus Hamilton (Bridges) and Alberto Parker (Birmingham) as they investigate a recent string of bank robberies done by the Howard brothers.

Dopesick and Stranger Things scribe and producer Jessica Mecklenburg will write the series and executive produce along with Sidney Kimmel, John Penotti, Charlie Corwin, and Marcy Ross of SK Global. Gigi Pritzker and Rachel Shane of Madison Wells and Julie Yorn and Carla Hacken are also serving as executive producers, returning to the world that Sheridan created as they also produced the original film.

Hell or High Water is the sort of movie that you just instantly assume won Oscars for Pine, Foster, and Bridges, when in reality, the only actor who earned a nomination was Bridges. The movie itself earned four Academy Awards nominations, including Best Picture. It’s gritty and deeply committed to exploring the power the bank holds over the fictional family in rural Texas.

Sheridan struck gold with Hell or High Water so getting to explore these characters and themes in a more serialized setting will give us a deeper look into what Sheridan began. Hopefully, the original cast has something to do with it in some way. It’d be wonderful to see Pine and Foster explore Toby and Tanner (respectively) in this format.

It will be interesting to see how the show adapts the Howards and the story at large and whether or not the cast will be involved in any way. But right now, it is exciting to see Hell or High Water getting its own series.


via Collider

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