‘Black Crab’: First Images Teases the Noomi Rapace led Upcoming Scandinavian Thriller!! Check It Out!!

Ahead of its March 18 premiere, Netflix has released a brand-new look at the upcoming Scandinavian thriller Black Crab. The film stars Noomi Rapace (Lamb), Jakob Oftebro (The Letter for the King), Dar Salim (Game of Thrones), Ardalan Esmaili (The Charmer), and Erik Enge (The Bridge).

The images depict Caroline Edh (Rapace), a speed skater-turned-soldier as she and a crew mate fight for survival in the frozen archipelago their tactical team must navigate in order to bring an end to the war that has ravaged their world. The details of the mission are few, and as the danger grows, so does the question of who in their team can be trusted.

Based on the novel of the same name by Jerker Virdborg, Black Crab follows six soldiers in a post-apocalyptic, war-torn world who must travel a frozen wasteland and deliver a mysterious parcel that could bring about the end of the war. But it isn’t just an end to the war that Caroline seeks. Rather, their mission holds a different significance for her. According to Netflix, the central question facing the soldiers is “what are they willing to sacrifice for their own survival?”

According to director Adam Berg, the real strength of Black Crab is the strength of the cast in the face of a brutal, seemingly hopeless story. Speaking of the film, he said:

“I’m very happy and proud to have such a strong cast breathe life into this movie and our characters. These skilled actors, their eyes, voices, faces and bodies will carry us through the story. They will make us feel the brutality of war, the importance of hope in a hopeless world and the hard price you have to pay for survival. They will bring a beautiful humanity to the cold harsh world that is the Black Crab.”

Berg is playing triple duty on the Netflix film, as he also co-wrote the script with Pelle Rådström and is one of the executive producers, alongside Christopher Granier-Deferre (Lady Macbeth) and Rapace herself.

Black Crab launches globally on Netflix on March 18. Check out more new images below:


via Collider

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