‘Halloween Ends’ Set Photo Confirms Filming Has Begun!! Check It Out!!

Halloween Kills was a major horror hit last October after a year delay due to the pandemic, but thankfully the wait for Halloween Ends will not be as tortuously long, as its filming is now underway in Savannah, Georgia. The Halloween franchise would not be the same without Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode, and there have been various unofficial set photos released showcasing the actress’ return. However, the series’ final girl took to her social media to officially mark her return to the franchise with an on-set selfie.

In the image, we see Curtis in costume as Laurie Strode, wearing clear-rimmed glasses similar to the ones she wore throughout 2018’s Halloween, and she is sporting a rusty orange jacket which is perfect for a spooky night hunting Michael Myers. If fans recall, Laurie was mostly restricted to a hospital bed in Halloween Kills, as she was still recovering from her injuries from Halloween. Both films took place on the same night, similarly to the original 1978 film and its first sequel, and like the 2018 sequel, it looks like Laurie is going to have a much more active role in the hunt this time around.

The end of Kills saw an absolute bloodbath at the hands of Michael Myers, and the kill count featured on the film’s Blu-ray confirmed that legacy characters like Tommy Doyle, Leigh Brackett, and Karen Strode all died. The cliffhanger ending when Karen died was shocking, as it cemented that no one is safe in this franchise, and the alternate ending doubled down on that fact while also paying homage to the haunting phone scene in the 1978 original.

Little is known about the plot of Halloween Ends, other than that it jumps from Halloween night 2018 to present day in 2022. Actors like Kyle Richards, who plays Lindsey Wallace, are returning, and the film will deal with the issues of the present day, including the pandemic. However, whatever the case may be, Laurie Strode’s revenge is going to be as personal as ever. The emotional stakes have been raised tenfold, and the horror world will be watching to see if Laurie makes it out alive.

David Gordon Green is returning to Haddonfield along with Curtis to direct his trilogy capper that started with Halloween and continued with last year’s Halloween Kills. Will evil finally die tonight, or will the shape live to kill another day? We will have to wait and see, but audiences will find out on October 14, when Halloween Ends murders its way to theaters.

Check out Curtis‘s photo below:


via Collider

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