‘Physical’ Season 2 Adds Murray Bartlett!!

Murray Bartlett is about to get physical. After taking his turn managing the titular resort in The White Lotus, Bartlett is swapping out his suits and Hawaiian shirts for some leg warmers and a leotard in Season 2 of Physical, the actor told Variety on an episode of their “Just for Variety” podcast. He’s the latest to join the 80s nostalgia dramedy on AppleTV+ following its renewal for a second season back in August.

In Season 2 of the exercise-heavy series, Bartlett will play another fitness friend and rival for Rose Byrne‘s Sheila in the form of fitness nut Vincent “Vinnie” Green. Green is a charismatic fellow fitness instructor known for revolutionizing late-night infomercials and his knowledge on all things exercise. Like Sheila, he too wrestles with private personal struggles, making the two perfect partners in misery and aerobics. It’s also the perfect follow-up to playing Armond, another character battling inner demons before relapsing into drug and alcohol abuse and generally going off-the-rails.

Bartlett had little else to say about what to expect from Green other than that he noted that we “won’t be disappointed” by his aerobics attire when he appears on-screen, though he did also comment on why he decided to join the show. “The writing in this season is really fantastic,” he said to Variety. “That stuff that I get to do is really fun, but it’s twisted and smart. It’s interesting because it’s got that whole like ’80s fun thing, but there’s a depth to this show that’s really moving.”

Season 1 of Physical was a 80s-soaked dramedy following despondent housewife Sheila finding herself in the world of aerobics. After being stuck as the support unit to her husband, she grasps her own freedom through immersing herself in the exercise before turning it into a business through the power of VHS and becoming a female lifestyle guru. The series hails from creator Annie Weisman with Rory Scovel, Dierdre Friel, Della Saba, Lou Taylor Pucci, Paul Sparks, Ashley Liao, and Geoffrey Arend starring alongside Byrne.

Bartlett‘s star has certainly been on the rise since playing the chaotic Armond. The role earned him nods for SAG and the Critic’s Choice awards as well as attention for other projects. He’s now set to appear in Immigrant, a limited series on the bizarre, drama-filled story surrounding the creation of the Chippendales, alongside Kumail Nanjiani. He’ll also be seen in the upcoming TV adaptation of the critically acclaimed video game The Last of Us.


via Collider

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