‘The Biggest Little Farm: The Return’ Trailer Teases the Disney+ Special!! Check It Out!!

This Earth Day, Disney+ and National Geographic are treating viewers with a whole slate of new programming. The new titles will take viewers from the jungles of South America to the farms of California, to the frozen lands of the arctic. Allowing fans to celebrate all the animals and plant life this world has to offer. Today, Disney+ released a trailer for one of these new programs The Biggest Little Farm: The Return, a documentary special that will explore a self-sustaining farm in California. The special begins streaming on Disney+ on April 22.

The Biggest Little Farm: The Return is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed award-winning 2018 documentary The Biggest Little Farm. The original documentary followed John and Molly Chester, a married couple who decided to leave behind their lives in the city to turn 200 acres of abandoned farmland into their own self-sustaining farm that would be “in harmony with nature.” This follow-up film catches up with the Chesters, their farm, the livestock, and their growing family a few years later.

In the short trailer, we get a quick monologue from John Chester played over several clips of beautifully shot nature footage. The original film was well known for the gorgeous nature footage being shot on the farm. In the monologue, he teases telling the story of how the farm was built up after not even existing ten years ago and while their life has gotten pretty crazy on the farm it all works out because everything has a purpose in nature. As he talks in the trailer, we are treated to some incredible footage of baby lambs running through a field, a flock of ducks waddling around, bad weather striking the farm, and people working together to keep the farm strong.

Before setting out to make the farm, John Chester previously worked as a documentarian. He directed episodes of shows like Jockeys, which gave an in-depth look at what it takes to make it as a professional horse jockey, and Safari Vet School, which gave viewers a look at what life was like as a wildlife vet in South Africa. Chester also won a number of Daytime Emmy Awards for his inspirational short film series Super Soul Shorts.

Some other programming coming to the streamer this Earth day includes Disney Nature’s Polar Bear and National Geographic’s Explorer: The Last Tepui. The Biggest Little Farm: The Return begins streaming on Disney+ on April 22.

You can watch the trailer below:

Here’s the official synopsis for The Biggest Little Farm: The Return:

The Disney+ Earth Day special “The Biggest Little Farm: The Return,” from National Geographic, is based on the 2018 award-winning feature documentary film that tells the story of John and Molly Chester, who abandon their urban life in Los Angeles to live on a barren farm to grow delicious food in harmony with nature in Ventura County. The new special follows the farmers’ 10-year tireless journey as they transform the land into a magical working farm and document the whole process in this heartwarming special that is akin to a real-life “Charlotte’s Web.” Apricot Lane Farms is a beautiful, complex world that reflects our planet’s biodiversity, and this special introduces audiences to animals that will quickly burrow into their hearts, like Emma the pig who welcomes her newest litter and an adorable lamb named Moe who befriends the family. This Earth Day, see how the farmers utilize the interconnectedness of nature to help build soil health, maximize biodiversity, and regeneratively grow the most nutrient-dense food possible.

via Collider

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