‘The Porter’ Trailer Confirms May 5th Premiere for Civil Rights Drama on BET+!! Check It Out!!

BET+ has finally dropped a trailer for its highly anticipated television series, The Porter. The series is a joint project between BET+ and Canada’s CBC Television which seems fitting as The Porter is an exploration of ambition, empowerment, and liberation across borders, on and off North American railways in the 1920s. The Porter will dive into the history of the Black Canadian men who worked as Pullman Porters after the First World War. It will also chronicle the events that led to the creation of the first Black-led labor union – the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters – in 1925.

Aml Ameen and Ronnie Rowe Jr. will play the lead roles of Junior and Zeke respectively. Ameen is best known for his roles in Kidulthood, The Maze Runner, Sense8, and I May Destroy You. He is also set to appear as Martin Luther King Jr. in Rustin. Rowe Jr. is known for his roles in Black Cop and Star Trek: Discovery. Besides Ameen and Rowe Jr., The Porter will also star Alfre Woodard, Mouna Traoré, Loren Lott, Oluniké Adeliyi, Luke Bilyk, Sabryn, Paul Essiembre, Arnold Pinnock, Bruce Ramsay, and Luc Roderique.

The newly released trailer gives viewers an inside look into the St. Antoine, Montréal community where the series is set. The trailer is brimming with life, promise, and music, juxtaposed against moments of violence and building tension as history is being made. Viewers are also given front row seats as Ameen’s Junior makes a deal with ‘the Southside butcher’ played by Adeliyi. The two-minute clip also places the leading pair front and center, showcasing their chemistry as friends whose paths diverge in the pursuit of justice and equity.

The upcoming TV show was created by Pinnock, Ramsay, Marsha Greene, and Annmarie Morais, with Greene and Morais serving as showrunners. Additionally, Greene, Morais, and Pinnock will serve as executive producers alongside Ameen, Woodard, Jennifer Kawaja, Ian Dimerman, Bruno Dubé, Charles Officer, and R.T. Thorne. Ramsay is onboard as a co-executive producer alongside Elise Cousineau, Steve Cochrane, Andrea Glinski, and Daphne Park, while Thorne and Officer will direct the show. The Porter is produced by Inferno Pictures Inc. and Sienna Films.

The Porter premiered on CBC Television on February 21 and completed its first season run on the Canadian Network on April 11. It is set to premiere in the United States on BET+ on May 5.

Check out the trailer for The Porter below:

via Collider

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