‘The Flash’: Jesse L. Martin Will No Longer Be a Series Regular!!

After a long and unforgettable eight-season run on the CW’s The Flash, Tony award winner, Jesse L. Martin is moving on, according to a report from Deadline. With only four original cast members left during last year’s season, Martin’s departure knocks that number down to three. While the network had quite the back and forth with series star Grant Gustin before he signed a contract to return to the series, such wasn’t the case for Martin, who was not granted a renewal.

For those who will miss Martin’s character, detective Joe West, fear not for we have two good pieces of news for you. Although the actor won’t be returning as a series regular, he will be appearing in the next season to reprise his role during several episodes. The other bit of good news is that he’s just nabbed a leading role in an NBC pilot titled, The Irrational.

The newly developed series is an adaptation of Dan Ariely’s chart-topping book, Predictably Irrational. The onscreen version, which was penned by Arika Mittman, will follow the life of a behavioral psychology professor named Alec Baker (Martin). Well-revered in his field, Alec is the point person for scandals and cases that happen within high-profile associations including governments and law enforcement agencies. Everything in Alec’s life begins to spiral out of control when he’s faced with his biggest task yet – attempting to understand the patterns of a female domestic terrorist who promises to give the top behavioral psychologist a run for his money.

A big-time name from the glistening lights of tinsel town to the glittering glow of Broadway, Martin has been known to hold onto a role and not let it go. Prior to his lengthy run on The Flash, the actor starred as another detective, this time on NBC’s Law & Order. On the long-running fan-favorite show, Martin would play the role of the quick-thinking Detective Edward Green. Just a few years before his big television break, Martin starred as the computer genius and anarchist, Tom Collins in the legendary musical, Rent. Part of the original cast, the Tony Award-winning musical would help launch the careers of many of its leading ensemble, including Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs, and Martin. Several of the original members would also reprise their roles when Rent was adapted into a feature-length movie in 2005. Up next, fans can catch the multi-hyphenated performer as music icon Marvin Gaye in a biopic about the late singer’s life titled, Sexual Healing.

While we’re sad to see such an integral part of The Flash bow out of the series, we’re happy to know that Martin will never stop doing what he loves to do. And having two silver linings to ease his departure sure doesn’t hurt.

The Flash airs Thursdays on The CW at 8 pm ET.

via Collider

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