‘Glamorous’: Miss Benny Set to Star in Netflix’s New Drama Series!!

Although The CW passed on Glamorous three years back, the series is about to find new life as Netflix has ordered the LGBTQ+ drama to series. Hailing from Damon Wayans Jr. and Jordon Nodino, the show centers on a young gender non-conforming queer man’s journey of self-discovery starring singer and Fuller House star Miss Benny in the lead role as Marco Mejia. The series is set to air ten episodes for its first season on the streamer.

The plot of Glamorous is a bit different from when it was simply a pilot for The CW. In the new version, Marco’s life was in a rut until he received the opportunity of a lifetime to work for legendary makeup mogul Madolyn Addison. The newfound opportunity and lease on life give him a new chance to discover himself and what he really wants out of his life as well as what it really means to be queer. Originally, the premise leaned more on the awkwardness of a high school graduate and YouTuber landing an internship with a cosmetics company whose products they smeared online, but it doesn’t seem any of those elements stuck in the redeveloped version. The show now seems more character-focused, taking a deeper look at Marco and how he finds his way in the world.

Benny, aka Ben J. Pierce, is the only holdover from the original script with casting underway to find their co-star Madolyn Addison. They made history on the Fuller House set, portraying the first openly gay character on the show in Casey, Ramona’s friend, and an intern for Gibbler Style Party Planning. Among their other credits are roles in American Horror Stories, Love, Victor, and Doxxed. Benny also has their own YouTube channel with various music videos for several of their singles including “One Damn Good Mistake” and “That’s My Man.”

CBS Studios is producing the series for Netflix with Wayans and Kameron Tarlow executive producing for Two Shakes Entertainment. Nardino wrote the series and also executive produces. Both Wayans and Nardino are currently locked up to overall deals with CBS Studios and have been involved with Glamorous since its inception. In contrast to the cast, which originally had Brooke Shields on board as Benny‘s co-star, the creative team has remained intact.

No release window is currently known for Glamorous. When it debuts on Netflix though, it’ll mark another overlooked project from The CW that the streamer has looked to salvage. They saved Insatiable back in 2017 and now Glamorous will get a shot to realize its potential.


via Collider

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