‘Nothing Personal’: David Spade’s Netflix Comedy Special Gets a Trailer!! Check It Out!!

Netflix released today the official trailer for David Spade: Nothing Personal, the comedy special that is set to premiere in a couple of weeks. The show joins the streamer’s huge roster of specials that have been hosted by a series of comedians including Ali Wong, Donald Glover, Aziz Ansari, Bo Burnham, Ellen Degeneres, and many, many others.

The trailer confirms what we already expected: Spade will fire up the audience with his self-deprecating humor, starting out with admitting he’s a dick for not wanting to hug people. But honestly, after surviving a global pandemic, can you blame him? Fist bump, guys, fist bump! Spade will also tackle a topic that we all can relate to: getting old and trying to keep up with Gen-Z trends even though we don’t really want to, like vaping.

Finally, it looks like the show will feature a long segment in which Spade just reminisces about the old times when pubic hair was allowed to look a lot different. Yes, you read that right. And it feels like Spade has spent quite some time thinking about it, since the comedian provides a pretty colorful definition and you can really get a visual sense of what he’s talking about — no one asked for it, but what are stand-up comedy shows for if not making us laugh awkwardly at some jokes?

The special marks Spade’s first collaboration with Netflix on this format, even though the comedian has starred in other projects hailed from the streamer such as original comedy movies The Wrong Missy, Father of the Year, and The Do-Over. The four-time Emmy nominee is also a frequent Adam Sandler collaborator, having starred in many of his fellow actor’s movies including The Ridiculous 6, Grown Ups, and Jack and Jill.

David Spade: Nothing Personal is directed by four-time Emmy nominee Ryan Polito, who has an extensive career helming comedy and live shows: he directed several awards ceremonies, including MTV Movie Awards and People’s Choice Awards, as well as episodes from Judge Steve Harvey and Netflix’s The Fix. Polito also directed specials hosted by Tracy Morgan, Deon Cole, and he’s also directing the highly anticipated Bill Maher comedy special, #Adulting.

Netflix premieres David Spade: Nothing Personal on April 26.

You can watch the trailer below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

Hot off the beach from his guest hosting duties on Bachelor In Paradise, David Spade makes his Netflix comedy special debut with Nothing Personal. From sharing his disdain for crabs to his unique approach to turning down drugs, David proves that no topic is off limits.

via Collider

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