‘Absolute Dominion’: Lexi Alexander’s Post-Apocalyptic Movie Begins Filming in Nevada!!

After a long stint directing TV series episodes, filmmaker Lexi Alexander is helming a feature film for the first time in over a decade. The director took to Twitter to celebrate the start of filming Absolute Dominion. The Netflix dystopian action movie is set 60 years in the future and centers around a society that has been decimated by religious terrorism. In an attempt to end the age-old conflict, the UN decides to put one representative of each religion in a Hunger Games-like scenario, and the last one standing will be the dominating religion from that day forward.

The story seems like a horrible experience for the characters in the movie, but for us viewers, it should make for an entertaining and potentially nerve-wracking watch. After all, no one would like to see their religion end up on the losing side of a massive fight. Absolute Dominion also has the potential to be controversial, especially since it aims to tackle all religions of the world at once. Will it shy away from criticizing elements from each religion, or will it make provocative comments on Judaism, Christianism, and several others? We’ll have to wait a while to find out.

Alexander, who previously directed Hooligans and Punisher: War Zone, has handled gritty themes in both movies – which are also incredibly violent. Considering that a lot of grueling events have been motivated by religion, it’s safe to assume that contestants for Absolute Dominion are in for a vicious fight, once the battle is not only for their survival, but also for the perpetuation of their beliefs. So yes, there will be blood.

In her Twitter post, the director celebrated the opportunity of being able to direct a project she herself wrote, which she states is “a miracle.” Alexander also hinted at Netflix’s recent massive loss of subscribers, reminding fans that they’ll need to re-subscribe if they want to see the movie when it comes out.

As Alexander’s picture shows, Absolute Dominion started filming in Nevada, and the whole movie is set to be filmed on location. However, it will be far away from Las Vegas’ most famous Strip: production set camp at Jean, a desert outpost in Southern Nevada that houses the closed down Terrible’s Hotel-Casino. The area has already served as location for movies such as The Hangover, Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas, and Pearl Harbor.

Netflix is yet to announce a release window for Absolute Dominion.

You can check out Lexi Alexander’s tweet below:

via Collider

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