‘We Feed People’ Trailer Teases the Chef José Andrés Documentary!! Check It Out!!

When a crisis strikes, there are some who rise to the occasion to help others survive. Whether that comes in the form of donations and cash cards, emergency kits, or even transportation, we as a human race tend to give our aid in one way or another. One man who has gone above and beyond the call of personal duty is José Andrés. A James Beard award-winning chef, Andrés began responding to the need for food in crisis areas back in 2010 by setting up the World Central Kitchen, a food relief NGO. Believing that everyone should have a hot plate of nourishment, Andrés and his team have set out across the world and into some of the most dangerous situations to make sure people don’t go to bed hungry. And now, Disney+ has teamed up with Ron Howard to bring Andrés and WCK’s work to the small screen in We Feed People.

A trailer released today shows the Spanish chef cracking jokes and explaining his love for the mission. Taking viewers through his thought process for creating WCK, Andrés demonstrates the need for such a task force. While people were receiving support in other avenues, many of them were left without food and water on their tables meaning their survival was put on the line. As one interviewee puts it, “In a crisis, you call on the experts. No one was calling on the cooks and chefs of the world when there were people who were hungry.” A hero to many, Andrés’ work comes at a price for his family who worries and waits for him to return home. From town to town, country to country, audiences are taken alongside the award-winning chef and his dedicated team as they fulfill their life’s purposes of providing sustenance for those in need, one meal at a time.

From snagging an Oscar for his directorial work in A Beautiful Mind, to helming hard-hitting documentaries including Rebuilding Paradise, Howard has certainly made a name for himself over his decades long run in Hollywood. The perfect choice to stand at the helm of We Feed People and shed light on the humanitarian project, Howard will also serve as a producer for the film. He’ll be joined by Brian Grazer, Sara Bernstein, Justin Wilkes, Meredith Kaulfers, and Walter Matteson with Nate Mook, Carolyn Bernstein, Michael Rosenberg, Louisa Velis, and Richard Wolffe executive producing.

We Feed People is all about the love existing between complete strangers and helping out one another in times of tumult. Judging by the trailer, Howard was able to accomplish exactly that. Check out the trailer below and keep scrolling for the official synopsis.

Here’s the synopsis:

From Haiti to Madagascar, North Carolina to the Navajo Nation, Puerto Rico to Washington, D.C., and all around the world, the food relief NGO World Central Kitchen has sped to crisis locations to help with the most urgent of human needs: Feeding communities who suddenly find themselves with limited access to food. Founded by chef JOSÉ ANDRÉS — acclaimed restaurateur, James Beard award-winning chef and recipient of the National Humanities Medal — in 2010, the group is first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate and community crises, and builds resilient food systems with locally-led solutions. By starting with the idea of “one plate at a time” and recruiting local communities and cooks in areas struck by disaster, WCK puts into action Andrés’ long-held belief that “big problems have very simple solutions.”

In WE FEED PEOPLE, OscarⓇ-winning director Ron Howard shows Andrés and the WCK team at locations across the globe as the multiple threats of a changing climate require split-second responses and innovative, immediate solutions to so many life-threatening emergencies. Since Andrés came to the U.S. from Spain over 30 years ago and began a remarkable culinary career that grew to locations in almost a dozen cities internationally, his passion and life’s work have gone hand in hand with activism. Seeing hunger relief as the first and most vital line of aid, and one that too often gets bogged down in bureaucracy and red tape, Andrés and WCK have become part of a worldwide, energetic team supporting food security one plate at a time.

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