‘Accused’: Abigail Breslin and Aisha Dee to Bring Vigilante Justice in New Fox Series!!

Abigail Breslin and Aisha Dee are out for revenge in a new Fox scripted crime anthology series, Accused. What sounds like a riff off of the juggernaut known as Law & Order, Accused will follow different stories of crimes and the people behind them. The Law & Order factor comes in as these crimes (or at least in the episode Breslin and Dee are featured in) pull their story from events in the headlines. However, unlike the long-running legal drama, the new Fox series will tell the offenses from the perspectives of those on trial. From the jump, audiences won’t know exactly how the defendants landed in the courtroom, with the episode untethering the crime through the suspect’s eyes via a series of flashbacks. Accused is based on BBC’s 2010 BAFTA-winning show of the same name.

In Breslin and Dee’s episode, the two will play a couple setting out to right a terrible wrong. Breslin’s Esme Brewer is a waitress trying to make a life for herself after traumatizing family events forced her to strike out on her own at the young age of 15, while Dee will portray Brewer’s girlfriend, Aaliyah Harris. Chaos erupts during a peaceful demonstration when a white nationalist uses his car as a weapon and guns it into a sea of protestors. After local police end their investigation and claim they’re unable to track down the terrorist, Harris takes matters into her own hands. In order to bring the unknown man to justice, she’ll use the internet-based method of catfishing to uncover his identity.

The perfect combination of talent and production is what will make this reimagining of the BBC drama standout among the rest. 24 executive producers, Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa teamed up with House creator, David Shore, to bring Accused to series.

As for the episode’s stars, Breslin’s name is synonymous with her portrayal of Olive in Little Miss Sunshine, for which the actress nabbed an Academy-award nomination. Since her time rolling along in that yellow van with a star-studded lineup of performers, Breslin’s career hasn’t slowed down. Taking on everything from thrillers such as The Call and Signs to action-comedies like Zombieland and the TV series, Scream Queens, Breslin has proven to be one talented gal. Most recently, she took on a starring role opposite Matt Damon and Camille Cotton in the 2021 crime drama, Stillwater.

Known best for her stand-out role in Freeform’s dramedy series, The Bold Type, Dee’s appearance in Accused will follow her soon-to-be co-starring role in Netflix’s dual-timeline comedy, Plus/Minus, where she’ll be featured opposite Lili Reinhart. While we haven’t seen much of Dee yet, we’re excited for the actress to take on a larger role in the upcoming Fox series alongside longtime fan-favorite Breslin.

At this time, there is no release date for Accused, but as always stay tuned to Collider for more information.


via Collider

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