Oxygen Unveils Five New True Crime Series!!

While streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have released numerous true crime-based projects, Oxygen remains one of the genre’s main platform. And their numbers are continuing to grow with the announcement of new edge-of-your-seat series including Black Widow Murders, Manifesto of a Serial Killer, Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge (working title), and Sleeping with Death. Meanwhile, the network has also announced that several renewals have taken place for shows such as Cold Justice, Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins, New York Homicide, and 911 Crisis Center.

Running a Google search on your next date will be at the forefront of your mind after you tune in for Black Widow Murders. The series will focus on different women who draw others into relationships with murderous criminal intent. Whether they’re using their partners for monetary purposes, sex, or career advancements, they’ll do whatever it takes to get there – even to go so far as to become cold-hearted killers. Masters of coverups, these women are sure they can fool the police to evade capture and carry on with life as usual.

If you were bummed out to hear that Netflix’s Mindhunter wouldn’t be returning for a third season, Oxygen’s The First Mindhunter (working title), could be your next obsession. Unlike its scripted Netflix counterpart, The First Mindhunter will offer up never-before-heard real life interviews with some of the world’s most well known serial killers. Travel alongside behavioral specialist, Dr. Carlisle, via his collection of tapes and hear him pick apart the minds of monsters including Ted Bundy, Arthur Gary Bishop, Manny Cortez, and the Hi-Fi Killers.

The unbelievable true story behind Manifesto of a Serial Killer will have you wondering how it’s all real. What began as a search for her brother, turned into one woman’s unveiling of a string of serial killings. As the detectives assigned to the case chase down two men connected to the murders of at least 25 people, they’ll discover that there’s even more terror just around the corner. As facts are revealed, the involvement of a third person seems more likely, something the show hopes to bring fully into the light.

Law officials in Baton Rouge, Louisiana had their hands extra full during 1994-2004 when over 36 women were horrifically murdered. Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge will show how time and time again, each arrest led to a release after authorities discover their suspects to be not guilty. It’s only when new evidence is revealed that they realize the one killer they thought they were after was actually three different murderers, each active during that same time period. With more on their plate than ever before, the officers must move forward cautiously and quickly to put an end to the brutal slayings.

Another series that will have you looking at your partner or roommates in a completely different light, Sleeping with Death will tell the story behind people who have woken up to a dead body. With a suspect list down to another member in the house or a mysterious break-in, investigators pull apart stories from perpetrators and friends to try and get to the bottom of each murder. While to us this sounds like an absolutely bonkers plot, it’s made even more terrifying when you realize they had enough of these cases to create an entire season from it. Yikes!

With all of these new pieces hitting Oxygen for the first time, along with the return of some of their most beloved series, true-crime fans will have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.


via Collider

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