‘The Boys’ Season 3 Reveals a New Image!! Check It Out!!

With less than a month to go until the premiere of Season 3 of Prime Video’s The Boys, we’ve just gotten a new image to feed on until the title characters and their superhero enemies land on our screens once again. The series follows a group of super-heroes who think their abilities put them above the law – and they’re allowed to keep thinking that while a PR company successfully makes positive propaganda of their world-saving feats, which make them look selfless.

The new image brings together The Boys themselves: the group of people who are trying to prove to the world that being a superhero is far from what it’s cracked up to be, all the while trying to expose the skeletons in the closet of The Seven (the series’ Avengers or Justice League), and all heroes represented by Vought International – the PR company that handles their image. Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), Frenchie (Tomer Capon), The Female (Karen Fukuhara), and Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso) look ready to spill some superhero blood in matching jumpsuits.

Season 3 could see a shift in the dynamic of anti-superhero team The Boys, as the group leader Billy is apparently getting his own set of powers. Whether this happens by accident or on purpose, it will certainly be a turning point in the story, as this might put Billy on equal footing with The Seven leader Homelander (Anthony Starr) – a Superman-like figure who actively protects his own and Vought’s interests.

As the trailer has suggested, Season 3 of The Boys might be one of its most violent and daring yet, which underscores the series’ premise of subverting the superhero genre. The show’s newest season is set to adapt Herogasm, one of the The Boys’ comic book most shocking arcs that centers around the annual, over-the-top superhero party in which illegal drugs and depraved sexual fantasies are considered perfectly normal means of entertainment.

The Boys is based on a series of best-selling graphic novels by Garth Ennis and Derick Robertson. It is adapted for television by Emmy nominee Erick Kripke (Supernatural). The cast also features Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligott, Jessie T. Usher, Chace Crawford, Colby Minifie, and Claudia Doumit. Supernatural alumnus Jensen Ackles also joins this season as Soldier Boy, the series’ twisted take on Captain America.

Prime Video premieres Season 3 of The Boys with three episodes on June 3. The remaining five episodes will roll out weekly. You can check out the image below:

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