‘Good Sam’ Cancelled After One Season!!!

CBS has put a number of shows on the cancellation chopping block, including the medical drama Good Sam, which will be concluding after only one season.

Good Sam follows the titular character Sam, a skilled yet stifled heart surgeon played by Sophia Bush, who must step into a leadership role as the chief of surgery when the renowned yet egotistical expert heart doctor Rob Griffith “Griff” (Jason Isaacs) after he falls into a coma. Sam is tasked with taking care of the doctor while he is in his coma. Oh, and there is the added detail that Griff is her father. Their relationship sat at the core of the series, especially when Griff awakens and wishes to return to his post, which brings his overbearingness to the forefront as they work together, with him refusing to acknowledge her talents. The series focused on if the father and daughter could come together and heal their relationships, even as Griff challenged Sam’s new authority as well as her knowledge in the medical field.

The series was put in development by CBS in 2019 and premiered back in January of this year, consisting of 13 episodes. According to the most recent Nielsen ratings, Good Sam was averaging just below 4 million total viewers at around 3.6 million with a 0.4 rating in the key demo. These numbers are provided by Variety. While these numbers don’t seem too bad, the series ranked the lowest in both the demo and total viewers out of CBS’ 14 drama series that aired this TV season. Bush’s upcoming project includes the film being directed by Bryan Greenberg, covering the opioid crisis in America that is currently in pre-production. Isaacs recently joined the cast of the Tom Holland-led series The Crowded Room.

The medical drama was created by Katie Wech, who served as a writer on the series, and was directed by Tamra Davis. Along with Isaacs and Bush, the series also stars Michael Stahl-David, Edwin Hodge, Davi Santos, Skye P. Marshall, and Omar Maskati. Wech, Jennie Snyder Urman, Joanna Klein, Frank Siracusa, and John Weber served as executive producers for the series. Good Sam was produced by Sutton Street Productions and CBS Studios.

Good Sam was not alone when placed on the chopping block at CBS. Other series that Good Sam will be joining in being canceled include B Positive, How We Roll, and Magnum P.I.


via Collider

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