‘In the Dark’ Cancelled After Four Seasons!!

The story of Murphy Mason will be coming to a close next month as the CW has announced that their drama series In The Dark will be concluding with its fourth season, set to premiere on the network starting on Monday, June 6.

The series follows Murphy Mason, played by Perry Mattfeld, a blind woman in her 20s. Over the course of its three-season run, the series has seen Muphy transform from has seen her go from a lazy and unhappy receptionist at a job that she hates to a vigilante detective to a drug front proprietor, with season 3 seeing her and her friends Jess and Felix, played by Brooke Markham and Morgan Krantz, respectively, as well as her ex-boyfriend Max, played by Casey Deidrick, on the run for murder. The four of them aren’t only being pursued by the authorities, but also by a drug kingpin known as Josiah, played by Maurice Compte. The upcoming season 4 of the series will see Murphy having to survive being jail while her friends do everything they can to help her. is set to have 13 episodes and will bring the series to a close.

In The Dark premiered in April 2019 after receiving a series order from the CW in 2018. Its third season concluded on October 6, 2021, with its fourth season already announced the previous February and has already concluded filming. It was up in the air whether the series would be renewed a canceled by the CW, with each subsequent season seeing the viewership dropping. Despite the series seeing a significant boost via streaming, the network has decided to close out the series with the season set to premiere next month. In The Dark joins several other CW series that have been axed today, which include Charmed, Dynasty, Roswell, New Mexico, Naomi, and 4400.

In The Dark is written by Corinne Kingsbury and directed by Michael Showalter. The companies producing the series include CBS Studios, Warner Bros. TV, and Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Films. Executive producers on the series include Stiller alongside Corinne Kingsbury, Jackie Cohn, Michael Showalter, Nicky Weinstock, John Weber, Frank Siracusa, and Andrea Raffaghello, Along with Mattfeld, Krantz, and Deidrick, the cast of the series also include Keston John, Theodore Bhat, and Matt Murray.

Season 4 of In The Dark will air on June 6 and will be the final season of the CW series.


via Collider

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