‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 is in Development at Netflix!!

Even though real life has been doing a pretty good job of mimicking an episode of Black Mirror, Netflix is gearing up to find whole new ways of putting us back in fetal position with a new slate of episodes of the hit sci-fi series, as Variety reports. Three years after Season 5 premiered with just three episodes, a new one is shaping up, with series creator Charlie Brooker on board to helm it. With every new episode, the anthology series mixes technology with critique in order to paint a gloomy picture about the direction in which society might be heading.

Of course, details of the episodes are not coming any time soon, since Netflix tends to keep it under wraps until the season debuts. The idea, however, is to deliver more episodes than Season 5, and broaden the production values to a more cinematic scope. Ever since the British series was brought to the Netflix catalog, the production values have certainly been amped up, but now it seems we can look forward to bigger stories — which begs the question: how can Black Mirror get even more daunting?

Variety also reports that each episode will be approached as an individual film, which was something that production experimented with Bandersnatch, a game-like episode presented as a feature film, which was one of last season’s high points. The series is also frequently populated by high-profile actors: Bryce Dallas Howard, Anthony Mackie, Miley Cyrus, Jon Hamm, and Kelly Macdonald are just some of the names that have been featured in some of the standalone episodes. So we can expect more A-listers to make their way into the next season, as casting is in progress now.

Series creator Brooker hasn’t talked much about Black Mirror in the last couple of years, especially because the production rights for the series stayed with Endemol Shine Group after the screenwriter and his writing partner Annabel Jones left production company House of Tomorrow. That’s why we haven’t seen any new episodes of Black Mirror lately, but now it seems that Netflix reached a deal with Banijay Group (which bought Endemol in 2020) that grants a greenlight to the new season.

Black Mirror originally aired in Channel 4 in 2011, and the series’ dystopian take on reality quickly made it a highly popular show. Netflix then acquired the series and ordered more episodes, which greatly increased the scope of the stories and its production values. Across its run, the speculative fiction series has won 6 Emmys, and it was nominated for countless other awards.

Netflix is yet to officially announce the production of the new season of Black Mirror. Stay tuned for more updates.


via Collider

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