‘Mace’: Trevor Jackson to Star Alongside James Franco in Action Thriller!!

James Franco’s title character Mace has just gotten a major antagonist. Myriad Pictures announced today that Trevor Jackson will play the second half of the police duo that has strong moral conflicts in the action-thriller flick. The upcoming movie centers around two police officers that represent two variants of cops: The ones who want to change and improve the system and the ones who profit off it.

Jackson had his first major recurring role in the sci-fi series Eureka, and he was also in Season 2 of American Crime. In cinemas, he played the lead character in the police drama Superfly. Currently, he’s best known for his role as Aaron Jackson in the spin-off hit comedy series Grown-ish. Aside from acting, Jackson is also a recording artist with three studio albums released.

Mace is one of the movies that will mark Franco’s return to acting following a three-year hiatus after a series of sexual misconduct accusations were brought to light in 2018. After keeping silent for a long time, Franco resurfaced in late 2021 to address the accusations and apologize. The actor stated he was “completely blind to power dynamics”, and his apology was met with its share of controversy and criticism, as well as support from fans. Now, the Academy Award nominee is slowly making his way back into filmmaking, and Mace is one of the first movies that will represent his comeback.

The movie is directed by Jon Amiel, who helms a feature film for the first time since 2009’s Creation. Amiel also directed Entrapment, The Core, and Sommersby. He spent a long stint in the TV world, where he directed episodes from several series including The Walking Dead, Outsiders, The Borgias, and many others. The screenplay of Mace is written by David Chisholm, who previously penned 1989’s The Wizard, American Gothic, and Kidnapped in Paradise.

Myriad Pictures is yet to reveal further information from Mace, including additional cast, trailer, and expected release date.

You can check out the official synopsis here:

‘Mace’ is the harrowing story of two very different types of cops. A Veteran officer, Mace, to be played by James Franco, amoral, corrupt, and dangerously unhinged, and Virgil Woods, played by Trevor Jackson, a young rookie who believes that he can change the system that fosters cops like Mace from within. Inspired by the recent racial injustice on the streets of America, Woods refuses to be bullied and pits his principles against the deranged Mace, the cop who has lost any semblance of human dignity. Woods risks everything he believes in to stop Mace from destroying the city when Mace unleashes a gang war to cover up his crimes. Everyone around Mace is in danger as Mace plays his game and tries to conceal his tracks, no matter the cost.


via Collider

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