‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Alycia Debnam-Carey Exits AMC’s Horror Drama Series!!

As fans who tuned in to last night’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead know, Alycia Debnam-Carey has made her exit. And for those of us who were left wondering whether her character, Alicia Clark, would be returning following her seemingly open-ended farewell, Debnam-Carey took to Twitter to say her goodbyes to the fans and creative family she’s built over the last 7 years on the hit AMC series.

In her tweet, the actress wrote that she would “never be able to fully express the kind of journey” the long-running, fan favorite series gave her. She conveyed thanks to the team of writers behind the production for providing her “the most extraordinary training ground as an actor where I’ve been given the chance to grow and learn.” As well as giving her space to fully enmesh with her character, the series opened up other doors for Debnam-Carey and saw her making her directorial debut earlier this month.

After playing the character for “7 years and 100 episodes,” Debnam-Carey told her followers that she was ready for a switch up. And that change will come in the form of the actress taking on a role in the Hulu series Saint X. Initially, Victoria Pedretti was meant to star in the psychological drama, but stepped down from her position which is now being filled by Debnam-Carey. After spending the majority of her twenties on Fear the Walking Dead, Saint X will be the perfect new project for the actress to “further expand and grow” as her statement revealed.

Not only did Debnam-Carey grow throughout her time on the series, but so did her character, Alicia. As one of the originals in the The Walking Dead spin-off, fans tuned in each week to see what was next for the strong-willed and tough-as-nails survivalist. During her final season, viewers watched as Alicia fought off the Zombie-transforming-fever, finally championing over it. Towards the end of her final episode, Alicia commits to a new solo path in an attempt to seek out and save even more people.

After giving us her all over such a long character arc on Fear the Walking Dead, we couldn’t be happier to see Debnam-Carey moving on to pursue new projects. While the news is just as “bittersweet” for her as it is for us, we know there are still plenty of stories for Fear the Walking Dead to tell and the possibility for Debnam-Carey to reprise her role in the future should the decision or opportunity arise. Check out her full farewell tweet below:

via Collider

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