‘Omega’: Sony, Mandalay Pictures to Produce ‘Mortal Kombat’ Director Simon McQuoid’s Next!!

Sony has a new science-fiction film in the works and Mortal Kombat filmmaker, Simon McQuoid, is set to direct, according to Deadline. The upcoming sci-fi film, Omega, will be a joint product from Sony and Mandalay Pictures.

Set in rural Texas, Omega follows the story of a young woman who “gets more than she bargained for” after helping a stranger. She finds herself lost in a dark world with ancient origins as she runs from hitmen. All the while, the woman must “master her burgeoning skills and discover who she really is.”

McQuoid is an Australian filmmaker who is mostly known for directing the reboot film for the Mortal Kombat franchise released in 2021. The film starred Lewis Tan and Jessica McNamee, among other great cast members, and received fair reviews upon its release. Before his feature directorial debut, McQuoid had a lengthy career in directing commercials and a 2014 short film The Night Economy. With his varied background, it will be interesting to see what he brings to the table for this new science fiction film.

Mandalay PicturesJason Michael Berman and Jordan Moldo are attached to the project as executive producers. Columbia Pictures and Sony representatives, Peter Kang and Alex Rosario, will oversee the production. The scriptwriter for the film will be Blair Butler, known for horror movies such as the supernatural horror film, Polaroid, and the slasher movie Hell Fest. Butler also served as producer on the Hulu series, Hellstrom. Her most recent writing work includes The Bride, which will be released by Sony’s Screen Gems this August.

Mandalay Pictures also has another collaboration with Sony Pictures currently in the works; Heart of Lion, a film about George Foreman, is set to star Khris Davis, Forest Whitaker, and Sullivan Jones. George Tillman Jr. is set to direct. The company also has a Nike Drama revolving around former Nike’s recruitment of Michael Jordan in pre-production, with Ben Affleck starring and directing; Matt Damon is also set to star in the project. Needless to say, both production companies are giants behind top-notch productions. Omega surely has high expectations ahead of it.

No word on Omega’s casting yet; however, what is known of the plot is very promising so far. With the director behind Mortal Kombat, and the skills of the creative writer behind a slasher film staple like Hell Fest, Omega will likely find itself on many ‘to-watch’ lists.


via Collider

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