‘Stay Safe’: Kate Miner and Jason Canela to Star in Pandemic Horror Film!!

Filming has wrapped for the new pandemic-inspired horror film Stay Safe, Variety reports. The film will feature Shameless star Kate Miner as the lead, Army Surgeon Eva Shepherd, alongside co-star Jason Canela (The Rookie). The horror flick will follow the couple as they struggle with the ethical and potentially life-threatening implications of inviting a stranger into their home.

In order to tap into audiences’ anxieties, Stay Safe writers David Gregg, Gia Neri and Rolando Vinas have explored the what-if’s of real-life issues and fears to inspire a current-day horror concept. In this case, the terror comes in the form of virus mutations. In the film, Miner plays Army Surgeon Eva Shepherd, who’s stationed on the front lines of what is now known as a Pandemic Hotzone. During an evening in with her boyfriend, Patricio Dillon (Canela), Eva is preoccupied with a subliminal message she received from one of her patients when the couple hears a woman screaming for help. The woman Isabel Santos, portrayed by Katalina Viteri (Midnight in the Switchgrass), has escaped from the military police during a newly implemented curfew, and is begging the couple to be let into their home. Taking a page from Ridley Scott‘s cult classic sci-fi horror Alien, Eva takes the mysterious stranger into her home, despite Patricio’s better judgement. What will ensue next, and how it will tie in to the subliminal message Eva received earlier, is unknown.

Miner is best known for her recurring role in Showtime‘s Chicago-based series Shameless as Phillip “Lip” Gallagher’s (Jeremy Allen White) girlfriend Tami Tamietti. She’s also had roles in Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and Marlon Wayan‘s Fifty Shades of Black.

Canela is most recently known for his role in ABC‘s crime drama The Rookie with Nathan Fillion. Other credits include Ali Wong‘s Netflix rom-com Always Be My Maybe, A&E‘s The Glades and Josh Waller’s Camino.

Stay Safe is directed by Emmy Award-winning Carlos V. Gutierrez, and backed by American Entertainment Investors, Synkronized Films and Elipsis Capital. The film is produced by Joseph and Alex Cohen as well as Daniela Delfino who is also featured in the movie. Stay Safe will also feature Nick Benas (The Girl from Plainville), Chip Lane (The Underground Railroad), Alexandra Pica and Tomathan McGinnis.

Check out the synopsis below:

The virus has mutated. The world is evolving. The last line of defense is the first response on the front lines. Eva is a US Navy pandemic doctor on a mission to assist in the fight against the deadly disease. Her evening with her boyfriend, Patricio is interrupted when a woman, Isabel, screams for help, trying to escape from the military police during the curfew. She desperately begs to be let in. Against Patricio’s better judgment, Eva takes in Isabel.

Stay Safe is in post-production and no release date has been announced.


via Collider

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