‘Lightyear’: First Track From Michael Giacchino’s Score Released!! Check It Out!!

Disney and Pixar‘s latest animated film Lightyear is fast approaching its June 17 theater premiere, but before audiences get to see the origins of the iconic Buzz Lightyear, a new track from the film dropped on Disney‘s music channel for advance listening ahead of the film. Titled “Mission Improbable,” the song is part of the score from Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino that will make up part of the soundtrack for the film.

The track fits the vibe of a grand space adventure, sounding like the background music to the start of a mission to the stars. With how it swells and dips, it represents the possible success and failure Buzz and company could face. For as whimsical as it is and how much it builds towards its energetic end, there are some darker notes throughout that could indicate the danger of the mission and general fear and frustration over failure.

Lightyear stars Chris Evans as the titular space ranger in a mission fraught with peril as he and his crew end up stuck on a planet 4.2 million light-years from Earth. With a brave group of recruits and his robot cat companion Sox at his side, he tries to find a way home, though that’s easier said than done as the Evil Emperor Zurg and his army of robots threatens the mission while pursuing their own sinister goals. The film is directed by Angus MacLane and stars Keke Palmer, Dale Soules, and Taika Waititi alongside Evans.

Giacchino is practically the go-to guy for modern blockbusters in need of an epic, sweeping score. He’s worked on the soundtrack for The Batman and Spider-Man: No Way Home in recent memory, though he’s long been a favorite of Pixar. He scored some of the studio’s most memorable films, including Ratatouille and Up, the latter of which earned him his lone Oscar nod. His work will be featured prominently in two other upcoming blockbusters as well: Thor: Love and Thunder and Jurassic World: Dominion.

Regarding “Mission Improbable,” Giacchino regarded the track as one of his favorites from Lightyear, saying:

One of my favorite sequences is called ‘Mission Perpetual.’ It’s early on in the film when Buzz is trying to accomplish a mission and keeps failing. It was an exciting challenge for me because there were so many things the music needed to convey: Buzz’s frustration with himself and the sadness of being alone in his pursuit, but also his undying ambition and drive to achieve his goal. I went through a similar ‘mission’ myself to get this cue right, but once I did, it was incredibly rewarding.

Lightyear releases in theaters on June 17 along with the official soundtrack. Check out “Mission Improbable” below.

via Collider

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