Genndy Tartakovsky Sets New Deal with Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation!!

On June 15, news broke of a new deal struck between veteran director Genndy Tartakovsky and Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Animation. The deal sets up the world-famous director with an exclusive multiyear cross-studio agreement to workshop, create, and produce his own features for the two production sites. Tartakovsky has molded himself into an industry mainstay since the mid-90s with multiple successful cartoon television series and comics.

CNS and WBA will produce programs for a wide range of audiences and in a multitude of formats, spanning everything from HBO Max to major cable networks. The comprehensive contract was negotiated by CNS and WBA and provides artists creative freedom to generate unique work while also making otherwise behind-closed-doors information available to the creator. The expansive libraries of both studios, including original characters and franchises, are made accessible to the creator. With this new deal, Tartakovsky will be allowed to construct his own cartoons in a variety of genres.

The Russian-American is perhaps best known for his work on The Powerpuff Girls, helping to produce multiple episodes and worked as the animation director and a cinematographer for 2002 film based on the series called The Powerpuff Girls Movie, Hotel Transylvania, which was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards, and Dexter’s Laboratory, the first of his series to win the Annie Award for Best Animated Short in 1995. Additionally, Tartakovsky’s animated series Samurai Jack and Star Wars: Clone Wars blew away the competition during the awards season in 2004, the former winning the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming One Hour or Less) and the latter receiving the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming One Hour or More).

The most recent Emmy Award win for Tartakovsky, who is represented by WME, came in the 2021 season, with Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal, the cartoon action adventure for adults and inspired by horror and fantasy, taking home the prestigious golden statue for Outstanding Animated Program; it’s second season premieres on Adult Swim in Summer 2022. Upcoming is Tartakovsky’s Unicorn: Warriors Eternal, which is a supernatural animated series directed at families to appear on HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

When asked about the famously talented artist, Sam Register, the President of CNS and WBA said, “Genndy is a true visionary who embodies the creator spirit of Cartoon Network Studios. As he continues to push the boundaries of storytelling and animation, we are excited to have a front row seat both here and now also at Warner Bros. Animation.” Tartakovsky himself expressed his excitement for the new partnership, “My time at Cartoon Network Studios, since its inception, has been the most creatively formative and fulfilling years of my career. I now find myself continuing that amazing relationship as well as bringing in Warner Bros. Animation – the home to everything that inspired me to become an animator in the first place.”

Fans of comics and cartoons are surely in for some adventure in the coming years as Tartakovsky capitalizes on the deal to make even more exciting creations.


via Collider

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