Are You Afraid of the Dark: Ghost Island’ Teaser Teases the New Season!! Check It Out!!

Nickelodeon unveiled a new teaser for the upcoming third chapter of their horror anthology series Are You Afraid of the Dark? titled Ghost Island. This time around, a new batch of Midnight Society inductees heads to a resort island to enjoy some summer fun and relaxation only to discover the sinister forces that haunt its shores. The small snippet of footage shows off the newest members as they find out what horrors lurk in the shadows in this otherwise idyllic resort. The new season kicks off with a two-hour premiere on Saturday, July 30 on Nickelodeon with more episodes following on August 6 and 13 at the same time slot.

The teaser is short and spooky, showing beautiful white sand, crystal-blue waters, and the kids sailing and generally making the most of their vacation. But this is Are You Afraid of the Dark after all, so all is not as it seems. The picture distorts and cracks, and the teaser ends with a blood-curdling scream.

Ghost Island will lead off with “The Tale of Room 13/The Tale of the Teen Spirit,” which involves the group in two terrifying tales based on classic horror tropes. The first sees four friends getting in over their heads as they check into the resort’s hotel and discover some unknowable horror trapped in one of the rooms. The second, meanwhile, teases a terrifying revelation as the friends get wrapped up in a mystery involving the spirits that roam the resort.

For Season 3, the Midnight Society will consist of Kayla, played by Telci Huynh (Modern Love, Drama Club), Max, played by Conor Sherry (The Terminal List, The Devil You Know), Leo, played by Luca Padovan (You, School of Rock the Musical on Broadway), Summer, played by Dior Goodjohn (Head of the Class), and Ferris, played by Chance Hurstfield (A Million Little Things, Good Boys). Joining the Midnight Society on the titular Ghost Island is Julian Curtis (Wish Man) as the resort’s hotel manager Stanley Crane.

Ghost Island comes hot on the heels of Are You Afraid of the Dark’s wildly popular second season, Curse of Shadows, which ranked in the top three of live-action shows with Kids 6-11. So far, the reboot has done well to capture the horror-for-kids charm of the original, albeit with a modern, seasonal-anthology coat of paint and a slightly more kid-friendly approach. The series has been a critical and audience darling, also receiving Artio Award and Director’s Guild Award nominations. It hails from ACE Entertainment who also created the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before franchise with JT Billings back as showrunner and Dean Israelite directing. The pair is joined as executive producers by ACE‘s Matt Kaplan and Chris Foss with Paul Kim co-executive producing.

Are You Afraid of the Dark: Ghost Island was filmed in the Dominican Republic and premieres on July 30, just in time for some summer scares. Check out the official teaser below:


via Collider

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