‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Vol. 2 Gets an Epic Showdown Poster!! Check It Out!!

It’s Stranger Things week once again! Volume 2 of Season 4 premieres on Friday, and the anticipation for the final two episodes couldn’t be higher. Netflix released an epic new trailer last week and now, to make the wait even harder, the streamer has released a new poster for Volume 2 satisfyingly teasing the war ahead.

The poster sees the showdown of the century. Vecna and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) are intensely staring each other down like they’re on a classic boxing poster, while the sinister shades of reds and blue of The Upside Down loom around them. In between the arch enemies are the rest of the fan-favorite characters, includng Max, Lucas, Mike, Dustin, Will, Argyle, Jonathan, and Erica. On the flip-side are Nancy, Steve, Eddie, and Robin riding bikes, which is similar to a shot from Volume 1. The spooky Creel House is also lurking next to them. However, this poster holds even more details, as you can see Hopper fighting off a Demogorgon from the Russian prison, as well with Joyce and Murray next to him.

Overall, this new poster is another artful addition to a long line of great Stranger Things posters. Things like the Creel House’s clock floating in the middle of the image is a nice touch, reminding us that time for some of our favorite characters might be running out. The poster really doesn’t give us any new insight into Volume 2 as most things presented in the image already happened in Volume 1, but it does an amazing job reinforcing the darker tone of this season and is an epically frightful glimpse at the war ahead. Seeing Vecna and Eleven face to face is just chilling.

The cliffhanger ending of Volume 1 left fans with so many questions and theories. For example, did Eleven create The Upside Down when she sent Vecna there or was that just the first time a gate was opened? It also left us with the uneasy feeling that characters like Steve and Eddie might not make it out of this season alive. Season 4 Volume 1 did a great job answering a lot of long-standing series questions, and Volume 2 looks to do the same. However, if this new haunting poster is any indication, we all might be an emotional wreck by the time the last two feature length episodes of Season 4 are over. While we’re all excited for Volume 2 to release, The Duffer Brothers and the cast have been teasing a lot of tragedy in these final episodes.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 premieres Friday, July 1 on Netflix. While we fear Vecna’s return in our nightmares and wait for his epic showdown with Eleven, you can view the new “fight night” poster down below.

stranger things volume 2 poster
Image via Netflix

via Collider

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