‘Madame Web’: Emma Roberts Joins the Dakota Johnson-Led ‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff!!

Madame Web has caught another big name to add to its star-studded cast. Scream queen Emma Roberts will make her Marvel debut as she has boarded the ensemble in an unknown role, according to Deadline. She joins the film’s star Dakota Johnson, along with Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Merced, and Tahar Rahim.

Madame Web is believed to be an origin story for one of Spider-Man’s mentors who, at least in the comics and in the cartoon, never actively fights anyone herself. Throughout her depictions, she’s shown as an elderly woman suffering from myasthenia gravis, leaving her hooked up to a “web” of life support machines. However, her years of experience and clairvoyant abilities were a boon to Spider-Man. For this reason, the film is expected to make some adjustments for a more entertaining story, either showing her beginnings or changing the character altogether. According to Deadline, insiders say that it’s likely she’ll act as the Doctor Strange of Sony‘s Marvel universe given the similarities in their abilities.

S.J. Clarkson will direct the film from a script written by Morbius scribes Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. A previous draft of the film was also written by Kerem Sanga. Since their last casting for Madame Web, Sony‘s hot streak has started to cool somewhat thanks to the Jared Leto-led vampire superhero flick bombing at the box office not once, but twice all thanks to the power of memes. Still, there’s not much to complain about given the success of Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Spider-Man: No Way Home at the box office which more than makes up for it all. Those films combined for over a gargantuan $2.35 billion worldwide.

More names could be on the way for Sony‘s superhero flick if the film’s star has anything to say about it. In an exclusive interview with Collider, Johnson teased that some of the people who worked with her on Cha Cha Real Smooth and Am I Okay? would make the jump over to Madame Web. It’s unclear however whether she meant her fellow actors or anyone involved in the production of those films. Currently, nobody aboard Madame Web was a part of either of the films.

Roberts has a slew of films on the way in the near future with her just finishing production on the rom-com About Fate. She’s best known for her roles in horror, however, becoming a mainstay on American Horror Story for several seasons while also appearing in Scream Queens for FOX. On the film side, she appeared in Scream 4, and she has the upcoming horror film Abandoned to look forward to which features her alongside Michael Shannon and John Gallagher Jr. She’s also taken cracks at production with a credit for the Netflix hit series First Kill.

Madame Web is set to release on January 13, 2023.


via Collider

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