‘2 Days/1963’: David Mamet to Direct Crime Drama on the Assassination of JFK!!

Audiences will be given new insight into the assassination of John F. Kennedy with the upcoming crime drama, 2 Days/1963, which is set to be directed by filmmaker David Mamet, according to an exclusive from Deadline. The premise of the film will center on real-life Chicago mobster Sam Giancana and his role in the arrangement of the assassination of JFK. The film will focus on the conspiracy theory that the mob played a role in the assassination as revenge for JFK cracking down on gang-related crimes during his presidency. As the title suggests, the timeframe of the story will center on the 48 hours before the assassination that shocked the world in November 1963.

The film will be produced under Monaco Films through Nicholas Celozzi, who is related to the notorious real-life gangster as his grandnephew. Monaco Films Vice President Michael Sportelli will also be producing the film. Celozzi is set to pen the script for the film while Mamet will do the final rewrite for the production. Giancana’s real-life daughter, Bonnie Giancana, will be an executive producer for the project and is also set as the film’s consultant. Production for the film will begin later this year.

“Nick wrote and sent me this script, and it’s a helluva script,” Mamet told Deadline about the project’s writer and his relation to the gangster. Mamet continued:

“Really inside stuff, similar to what Francis Coppola did with Mario Puzo in The Godfather. That’s the great American film, but it’s got very little to do with the book. What’s The Godfather really about? Francis Coppola and Mario Puzo sitting around a kitchen table and telling the stories they overheard of their grandparents. That’s why we love that movie, it reeks of being inside, of family and cultural myths presented like gossip. It’s the stuff Nick heard around the kitchen table from the people who knew. It’s incredibly yummy. It made me say, I would love to make this movie, and here we are.”

The assassination of JFK stands as one of the most defining moments in American history. While historical consensus declares Lee Harvey Oswald as the killer, that hasn’t stopped all the various conspiracy theories that point the finger in other directions with the most notable suspects being the CIA or the mob. The popularity of the conspiracy theories has been explored in a variety of films and books such as the acclaimed Oliver Stone political thriller, JFK, and his recent documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass.

The involvement of the mob in JFK’s election was shown in films like The Irishman with its original novel hinting at their role in his assassination. Now with a new project underway, with real family members of the mob involved, a new picture of that tragic day can be painted from a new point of view. Since 2 Days/1963 is still in early development, casting and filming currently remain unknown. However, with a talented filmmaker at the helm, audiences have a new crime drama movie to look forward to.

No release date for the project has been set yet.


via Collider

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