‘Who’s the Boss?’: Amazon Freevee Picks Up Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano led Sequel Series!!

The sequel series for Who’s The Boss? has finally found a home with Amazon Freevee! Based on the hit 80s sitcom that brought us the Bower family and the Micelli family’s delightful comedy and dynamic, the sequel series is set to bring to life Tony Micelli’s (Tony Danza) relationship with his daughter and is being written and executive produced by One Day at a Time co-creator/exec producer/co-showrunner Mike Royce and co-executive producer Brigitte Muñoz-Liebowitz.

The series is set to star Danza alongside Alyssa Milano, who played Samantha Micelli in the original series. Norman Lear will executive produce the series, which features Samantha living in the family home as a single mother with her father, and how her style of parenting differs from that of Tony’s. Much like the original series, we’ll get to see a generational divide and what living together with different styles means for each of the characters.

The original series ran from 1984-1992 and had a total of 8 seasons but what was so fascinating about that original run is that it was an introduction, for many, to Danza as a performer. He brought to life the retired Major League Baseball player turned housekeeper in such a way that it warmed the heart of audiences and many loved bringing Tony and Angela’s (Judith Light) dynamic into their households with each new episode.

Where the sequel series will differ is clearly with it being fully focused on Tony and Samantha. We got to see so much of Tony’s relationship with Angela and her children throughout the series and while Samantha was a staple of the show, the Micellis were not the focal point of the series. They shared that with the Bowers. So this is the first time we’re really going to have the focus be completely on Tony and Samantha and that’s exciting for fans of the original sitcom.

But what’s particularly great about this series is that it will be different from the syndicated sitcom and new fans can enjoy the show without having to go back and revisit the original to remind themselves what happened with Tony and Samantha.

At the moment, news is that the Bowers will not make an appearance in the new series, so what does that means for Tony and Angela’s relationship? Well, we’ll have to see, but it’s nice to know that the Who’s the Boss? series has a new home with Amazon Freevee!


via Collider

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