‘Eight Billion Genies’: Amazon Studios to Adapt Charles Soule’s Comic Series!!

It seems like a few wishes are being granted today. According to an exclusive by The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon Studios has acquired Eight Billion Genies, a limited comic series from writer Charles Soule and artist Ryan Brown to adapt into a feature for streaming.

The premise of Eight Billion Genies is as follows: everyone on Earth is given one genie and one wish. While that sounds perhaps simple in theory, the reality is anything but as the world devolves into chaos as everyone’s wishes come into contact and conflict with one another. But rather than having eight billion protagonists, the story is centered around a group of strangers who meet at a bar just as the consequences of so many wishes granted all at once begin to play out.

For their part, Amazon Studios is excited at the acquisition. The studios plan is not limited only to a single feature, for which Soule and Brown will serve as executive producers, but rather to use the movie as a jumping off point for a larger story, in what is being called an “expansive, cross-media universe.”

Soule, of course, is no stranger to expansive, cross-media universes, having written for Marvel, DC and Lucasfilm. His contributions to the written world of Star Wars are masterful pieces of storytelling, with his run on the Darth Vader comics in particular being singled out as some of the more interesting work done with the character, particulary in the wake of renewed interest following the release of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Soule is also one of the architects of the expansive and fantastic Star Wars: The High Republic publishing initiative, which kicked off in 2021 with his novel Light of the Jedi.

Brown has worked for DC, Marvel and Valiant, and has also been nominated for a Harvey Award. His indie comic, God Hates Astronauts is some of his best known work, and has attracted a significant following in the time since its release. His art style for Eight Billion Genies is an eye-catching one, with the cartoonish supernatural beings visually standing in contrast to the more realistic humans. Together with Soule, Brown also worked on Curse Words, which is being developed as a series.

As of right now there is no cast, writer, or director attached to the project. There is currently no word on when production for Eight Billion Genies will begin.



via Collider

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