‘Stranger Things 4’ Gets a 2-Volume Soundtrack Album!!

Quality meets quantity in the hands of Grammy-nominated and Emmy-winning composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, the brains behind the ’80s soundscape of Netflix‘s award-winning series Stranger Things. As fans prepare for the launch of Season 4 Volume 2, Lakeshore Records and Invada Records invite us to experience the highs and lows of both volumes with their digital release of Stranger Things 4—Original Score from the Netflix Original Series on July 1. Whether you’ve set your alarms to watch Volume 2 the moment it’s unleashed, or you have to make it through your 9-to-5 before the epic conclusion of Season 4, the entire 80-track score will be available to stream digitally worldwide, with CD and vinyl versions yet to come.

Lakeshore Records and Invada Records will release Stranger Things 4—Original Score digitally, worldwide, as a mind-boggling 80-track album, divided into two volumes for the entirety of Stranger Things Season 4. Like the previous albums, Stranger Things 4 will include every synthesized second of the show’s fourth season score, though this album harkens back to Stranger Things‘ first season’s score release, divided into two volumes once again. Fans can experience the emotional backbone of the series — from The Party’s first days of high school, spanning small-town Hawkins to the brightness of sunny California, to the blood-pumping adrenalized moments Vecna dominates the screen — through Dixon and Stein’s cohesive score. Lakeshore and Invada also tease a future CD and vinyl release fans can get their hands on, though no date has been announced.

From the first swelling notes of “Stranger Things” — the show’s now-iconic intro — audiences feel a sense of foreboding magic, the suspense of what’s to come for the beloved Party. Hearing it now, six years later, our brains transport us back to the moment we first sat down to meet Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and the young group of courageous friends that would stop at nothing to save their friend from the Upside Down. Dixon’s and Stein’s score melts into the scenes so that the viewers become wholly immersed in the Stranger Things universe, pulling our strings and manipulating our emotions. In the Stranger Things, Vol 1. score “Kids” bubbles with bright spots, “Nancy and Barb” is delightfully optimistic and alive, and “The Upside Down” features ominous deep bass plucks punctuated with crashing drums to instill a sense of foreboding. Pull up the Stranger Things 3 score, press play on “The First I Love You,” and tell me your chest didn’t tighten, or that “Aftermath” didn’t wreck you all over again. Depending on what’s to come from Volume 2, there’s no doubt that Stranger Things 4—Original Score will be utterly felt as the unforgettable score continues to evolve.

From the very beginning, when Season 1 of Stranger Things was first introduced to Netflix viewers, Dixon and Stein have been the artists painting the auditory backdrop to the Duffer Brothers‘ phenomenal series, dreaming up the synth-centric score that binds all the elements of the show together. After their band S U R V I V E was discovered by Matt and Ross Duffer, they came to work tirelessly for Stranger Things. For six years the duo has worked strenuously, clocking in double — no, triple — time to create the visionary experience that fans now associate immediately with Stranger Things. Taking on the workload typically handled by a team of composers, and having earned an Emmy for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme, Dixon and Stein may very well be in the throes of their magnum opus, joining the ranks of established composers like Hans Zimmer (The Lion King), Giorgio Moroder (Scarface) and Joe Hisaishi (Spirited Away).

From their origins hauling modular setups and field equipment from one location to the next in Austin, Texas, to scoring feature films and documentary series, Dixon and Stein are fast becoming the pre-eminent scoring team of our lifetime. If fans can’t get enough of the dynamic duo, they’ll be returning to their roots, after Stranger Things, for a new album and a worldwide tour with their band, performing on a studio’s worth of synthesizers and amplifiers.

Lakeshore Records is a four-time Grammy-nominated label that stakes claim over the title of leader of the global independent soundtrack releases, including Black Mirror, Drive, the Academy-award-winning Moonlight and more. Prior to working with Dixon and Stein on Stranger Things, Lakeshore boasts quite a few big names they can drop, such as Trent Reznor, Grimes, Willie Nelson, Danny Elfman, Randy Newman, and tons more.

Stranger Things 4—Original Score from the Netflix Original Series is available digitally worldwide on July 1. Check out the album art down below!

stranger things 4 album art

via Collider

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