‘Keep Breathing’ Trailer Sees Melissa Barrera Trying to Survive in the Wilderness!! Check It Out!!

Netflix released the trailer for its upcoming series Keep Breathing featuring Melissa Barrera. Created by Martin Gero and Brendan Gall, the series revolves around a New York attorney named Liv who gets stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash.

The trailer starts by establishing the central theme of the show with a voiceover, “Why did you come out here, Liv? What are you so scared of?” We see Liv waking up from a dream as her plane crashes in the water. As the one-and-a-half minute-long clip goes on we see, Liv going through the forest, with chaotic scenes from her past and present interspersed to showcase her fears, frustration, and loneliness. The clip ends with a voiceover by Liv’s mother: “Do you know why there are stars in the sky Liv?” “Why?” Liv asks. “So we can always find our way back home,” her mother tells.

Per the logline of the show, “a lone woman (Barrera) must battle the elements — and her personal demons— to survive.” And by the looks of it Keep Breathing looks like a thrilling survivalist drama. Barrera told EW,

“I love seeing strong women portrayed on screen and at the epicenter of the story, but I also love that she is so broken. She’s feeling very lost and is seeking answers because she’s at a crossroads in her life.”

For the preparation of the series, the actor got scuba certified and learned to be on wires for stunts, though she admitted that the shoots were exhausting for her. “This show was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” she said. To bring in the realism Barrera filmed 12-14 hours every day making her own way through the wilderness. “Those moments are super real because they [crew] let me experience and do what I felt the character would do in that moment,” she revealed.

Along with Barrera, the cast includes Austin Stowell, Jeff Wilbusch as Danny, Liv’s on-again, off-again love interest, along with Juan Pablo Espinosa and Florencia Lozano as Liv’s father and mother. Keep Breathing’s episodes 1 to 3 are directed by Maggie Kiley (Dr. Death, Dirty John) while Rebecca Rodriguez has directed episodes 4 to 6. Gero and Gall (Blindspot, The Lovebirds) serve as co-showrunners and writers. Kiley, Gero, and Gall all have executive produced the show.

The six-episode-long Keep Breathing releases on July 28 on Netflix. Meanwhile, check out the new trailer below.

via Collider

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