‘Jessica Jones’ Gets a Title Update to ‘A.K.A Jessica Jones’ for Disney+!!

Fan-favorite series Jessica Jones received a title update after finally becoming part of Disney+. Previously called Jessica Jones, the show is now presented to fans as A.K.A Jessica Jones, a nod to the name structure of the series’ episodes, all of which start with “AKA”.

With three seasons released between 2015 and 2018, Jessica Jones was one of the Marvel series produced with Netflix for “The Defenders Saga,” an interconnected universe that also included Daredevil, The Punisher, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Besides featuring individual series with multiple seasons, the partnership also gave birth to the crossover miniseries The Defenders. Initially conceived as part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, “The Defenders Saga” didn’t remain connected to the theatrical releases for too long. The series diverged so much from what happened on the big screen that Netflix and Marvel Televisions decided to unofficially deal with “The Defenders Saga” as a separate narrative universe.

While all three seasons of Jessica Jones – now A.K.A Jessica Jones–were critically acclaimed and the show gathered a legion of faithful viewers, the series was canceled in 2018 and officially removed from MCU canon, together with the entire “The Defenders Saga”. The canceling happened as Disney prepared to launch Disney+, with Marvel Studios taking over the production of TV shows featuring some of the same stars featured in the movies. However, with the Multiverse recently unleashed in the MCU, there have been talks of bringing back characters and story arches from the most successful seasons of “The Defenders Saga,” including Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones. That seems likely since Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio have recently shown up in MCU productions as Matt Murdock and Kingpin, respectively, the roles they had for the “Defenders Saga”. And with a new Daredevil project starring Cox in early development, we can only hope the MCU brings back Ritter as the alcoholic heroine.

The three seasons of A.K.A Jessica Jones dealt with real-world issues such as sexual violence and drug abuse. Like the rest of “The Defenders Saga,” the series is rated TV-MA due to graphic violence, sexual content, and strong language. That led Disney+ to review their parent control before premiering the shows on the streaming platform. However, although “The Defenders Saga” is not to be enjoyed by the whole family, the shows are still remembered as some of the best Marvel productions ever made for television. As for A.K.A Jessica Jones, the series gives Daredevil a challenger for the title of the best series produced during the Marvel-Netflix era.

Disney didn’t provide an official statement to explain the change in A.K.A Jessica Jones’ title, however, all three seasons of A.K.A Jessica Jones have been available on Disney+ since June 29.

via Collider

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