‘Stranger Things’: New Featurette Focuses on the Monsters of the Series!! Check It Out!!

Stranger Things Season 4 ended this past weekend with its explosive second volume. The final two episodes brought a lot of things in this popular horror series full circle with great character arcs, heartfelt moments, insane scenes of horror, and The Duffer Brothers finally giving fans many long-awaited answers about The Upside Down. One of the coolest aspects of the season was the new big bad Vecna and his game-changing connection to The Upside Down. His introduction brought back fan favorite monsters along with sinister new treats. To commemorate Vecna’s reign, Netflix has released a new video breaking down every monster from the latest season.

The one-minute video goes back to where it all began with the Demogorgan. Stranger Things‘ first monster came back in epic fashion this season in Hopper’s storyline involving him trying to escape a deadly Russian prison. The highlight of this monstrous reunion is Hopper fighting off the Demogorgan in an amazing cage match in episode seven. We have seen this creature fight off small groups of people in Hawkins Lab in Season 1, but this was the first time we saw the Demogorgan fully unleashed in the light, and it didn’t disappoint.

Another creature featured in the video was the Demodogs. These creatures were first seen in Season 2, but made a comeback in Season 4 Volume 2 when the creatures helped take over the Russian prison after Hopper escaped at the beginning of episode eight. Other notable monsters highlighted in the video are The Mind Flayer and the Tom-Bruce Monster from Season 3 as well as the Demobats who were the new “security team” for Vecna in The Upside Down this season. There were so many intense moments featuring the Demobats in both Volume 1 and 2. Particularly some emotionally memorable encounters involving fan favorite heroes like Steve and Eddie. The latter of which distracted the deadly creatures with the rock concert of the century.

The video ends with Stranger Thing’s endgame, Vecna. This Nightmare on Elm Street-inspired treat has quickly become one of the best villains in television history with his connection to Eleven as well as The Upside Down being one of the most jaw-dropping reveals in recent memory. Vecna brought back the horror to this series in gloriously frightening fashion and, given the ending of Season 4, will be continuing to give the Hawkins crew hell in Stranger Things’ final season.

Everything in this show has been satisfyingly leading up and connected to Vecna. The chimes have been rung, the gates have been open, and Vecna has unleashed The Upside Down onto Hawkins. To prepare for the end, you can watch the series’ full monster guide down below. You can also watch all nine episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 on Netflix right now.


via Collider

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