‘Poolman’: Chris Pine’s Directorial Debut Adds DeWanda Wise!!

DeWanda Wise has nabbed her next role. This time, Deadline reports, that the actress who recently starred alongside Chris Pratt in Jurassic World: Dominion will be working with another one of Hollywood’s “Chris’,” Chris Pine. Wise signed on to join a cast that’s already set to feature the talents of Annette Bening, Danny DeVito, and Jennifer Jason Leigh with Pine both starring and making what will be his directorial debut with the feature titled Poolman. He also co-wrote the screenplay alongside Ian Gotler (Doula, My Heroes Were Cowboys) of whom he’s worked with in the past in two 2014 sketch shorts titled Vampire Lawyer with Chris Pine and Pa-gents with Chris Pine.

Poolman sounds like it will shape up to be a fun-filled dramedy centered around its main character, a pool maintenance man named Darren Barrenman (Pine). A proud Angeleno, Darren is the overseer of the giant pool belonging to the Tahitian Tiki apartment block. When he isn’t checking that everything is up to par with the building’s biggest amenity, Darren finds himself attending city council meetings with his neighbors and fellow devoted city lovers, Jack and Diane (DeVito and Bening).

Somewhere along the way, Darren will accidentally stumble upon the water crime of all water crimes occurring in his very own backyard. The scandal promises to rock the community to its core, something Darren knows as he trudges forward to bring those all the way at the top to justice. Being that he has no experience in exposing tangled webs of political malpractice, he’ll need some help — something he finds in a well-connected, but mysterious woman who will either hold up her end of the bargain and help Darren peel back the layers of deceit, or will be the undoing of his entire mission.

Although we know Wise has signed on for the project, details surrounding who she’ll be playing have yet to be revealed. She was noted as being a member of the ensemble cast as opposed to the starring cast, otherwise, our first guess would be that she would be appearing opposite Pine as the intriguing woman. Whatever the case may be, Poolman is lucky to have Wise on their team. Her performance as Kayla in Dominion was one of the most talked-about (and enjoyable) parts of the alleged “final” installment in the Jurassic Park franchise. She also holds on-screen credits in Netflix’s She’s Gotta Have It, ABC’s Firelight, Someone Great, and Fatherhood. Next up, Wise will appear in Showtime’s Three Women which is set to premiere in 2023.

Pine will produce Poolman alongside Stacey Sher and Patty Jenkins. As of right now, no release date has been set, but stay tuned to Collider for more information.


via Collider

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