‘The Bond’ Trailer Sees Humans Bonding with Various Animals!! Check It Out!!

Cute animal lovers – AKA everyone – assemble! Discovery+ released the trailer for The Bond, a four-part miniseries that centers around a group of people who formed surprising and unbreakable bonds with animals that you typically don’t have as pets. Produced by Robert Downey Jr., the inspiring and heartwarming series premieres next week.

The trailer for The Bond suggests what you could already imagine: The series will be a joy to watch. There is no shortage of cute footage as baby kangaroos, a dolphin, a cheetah and a goat parade around behaving in ways it’s not common to see. It also underscores the fact that if you take the time to cherish what nature has to offer, you can be greatly rewarded with life-changing experiences.

Four episodes already seem like not enough time to enjoy the company of these mammals: The first episode centers around Rae Harvey, a woman who has formed an incredible bond with Kanku while running a kangaroo sanctuary in Australia. Judging by the footage, the kick-off episode seems like it will be the toughest one to watch, since Kanku the kangaroo looks like it’s battling a health condition.

The series will also follow Jay Sargent, who developed a friendship with a bottlenose dolphin named Jojo. This could be the most surprising bond story, since the dolphin has a whole ocean to explore but repeatedly chooses to come back and stay with Jay. Episode 3 looks like the most fun, as it chronicles the life of Frankie the goat traveling the world with Cate and Chad Battles – and yes, the goat has traveled more than you.

Finally, the fourth episode is probably going to provide some footage that we don’t associate with cheetahs: Those fierce and wild animals being cute as hell in a sanctuary in South Africa. The episode tells the story of Desmond and Elizke Gouws, who rescue cheetahs and prepare them to return to the wild. The focus will be on Kiki, a cheetah that just had some cubs and needs to prove her ability to hunt before being released back into the wild.

The Bond is produced by Downey Jr., Susan Downey, and Emily Barclay Ford. They produce the series along with Sean Stuart for discovery+, Kevin Lincoln, Howard Swartz for Discovery Channel, and Glen Zipper (Netflix‘s Dogs), who also writes. Don Argott (Slow Learners) and Sheena Joyce (Cat People) direct, and their approach to the project was to bring together a feel-good series that focuses on finding inspiring and surprising connections in the unlikeliest of places.

Discovery+ premieres The Bond on July 14. You can watch the trailer below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

‘The Bond’ tells the remarkable, moving, and surprising stories of fascinating characters from all walks of life who have formed deep bonds with creatures from across the animal kingdom. These bonds change the lives of both human and animal, and each episode will illustrate just how much we have to offer each other. Spanning the globe, the four-part series takes an intimate look at the unique bond between animals and humans, spotlighting these relationships in its purest forms.

via Collider

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